Is Kanye West Missing?!

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Is Kanye West Missing? His Ex-Business Manager Can't Find Him
Subscribe right now to the brand. We’re getting super close to 2023, we’re wrapping up 2022. I just want to wish everyone a happy holiday. I hope you are getting ready to set your plans for the New Year. Go ahead and do what a person who has had an amazing 2022 is. Kanye West We’ve seen it all in front of our very eyes and now it’s reported that Kanye West is allegedly missing – that’s at least what his former business manager Thomas St John alleges after he’s been trying to serve him legal documents for weeks. Saint John told a court hearing that he hasn’t been able to find Kanye for weeks and is suing him for breach of contract.

Is Kanye West Missing? The Report, Explained
The businessman claims that Kanye had agreed to pay him a monthly advance, but since the two had an aggressive quote-unquote meeting with Kanye. has stopped paying him now before things between Kanye and St John went south they had a great working relationship Saint John was asked to be the CFO of where one of Kanye West’s deals with Saint John will create a 300K monthly retainer St John needed to ensure Kanye would not abruptly leave the business relationship plus the financial costs and risks associated with engaging with him as a client, but St John offered to settle for at least an 18-month contract.

Kanye West missing? His former business manager cant find him in order to sue the rapper | Marca
The contract sets out the lawsuit that could be brought against Kanye West. Let me make this perfectly clear. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with Kanye. I think he is fine and in a good mood. bullshit you’re currently going through some people may say it’s self inflicted some people may be opening doors that’s up to you that’s definitely your opinion when it comes to it but I think that’s okay I don’t think it’s yours no type. of danger regarding this situation and I think he’s just telling you, man, I’m not going to pay you and that’s just my opinion, that’s mine too.

Kanye West Campaign Laughs Off Suggestion He's Gone 'Missing'
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Ex-business manager tries to serve 'missing' Kanye West with lawsuit
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Nothing better happen to this man': Where is Kanye West?

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