It was hard work watching Liverpool – Steve Nicol on Liverpool vs Leicester City

Buy two goals to one, this is to remind you what that means in regards to Liverpool’s league position now, therefore they are looking to get back into the top four, they are currently sixth after that win, one point behind from manchester united two out spurs in fourth good who has cirrus is with our stevie nickel too stevie another hard watch for a liverpool fan hard work what was hard work on the pitch and hard work off from him to really sit and watch you know horrible Defender listen you can see it’s some good Leicester football and a good Dewsbury Hall finish but defensively it’s an absolute

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disaster absolutely cavernous Hall in the middle at the back back uh Van Dyke basically watches the ball because if he’s watching what’s going on around him he sees Dewsbury Hall is running late and and and he should have gone down but from then on if it looks good Liverpool after the Leicester but but not with a lot of flair a lot a lot of midfielder and a lot of puff huh Nunez for me there’s no doubt he was the backbone again for Leicester yes he didn’t finish but he was the man when it came to anything that happened for Liverpool in the future, it was right in the middle.

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I thought he was unlucky with his chip coming off the post huh I thought he did show composure there to really hit the keeper but he hadn’t cared because Mr. Fox was there to finish it off huh as for the first to fight for put that absolutely he deserves everything he gets listen to him it’s absolutely horrendous defense from a guy in premium and a major league player completely no talk about Nunez not having composed in front of goal well defenders have to do the same in reverse. around and this is absolutely horrendous a savage slam shoots from his shiny shin guard up and over the goal at the back under the crossbar listen when you defend like that you deserve everything you get so Liverpool when against Villa nothing to nothing too but you know what six points is another three against Leicester in six points from the two

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games and that’s the only thing that really matters at the moment but you have to think eventually they’re going to have to start putting some kind of performance together or even even 10 or 15 minutes control of a game with good passing and control and movement because it’s just not happening right now it’s so hard for that first goal Louise yeah a little bit yeah it was spokes I think the first few minutes where they weren’t in the game i think his approach was a little softer you can tell you can see everyone was complaining about the line advancing with him but they didn’t know what he was going to do no matter ta because the player came through it very easily the players are on the line they were at the same high level there was no difference what happened right after a problem that not only that location the second half in a couple of times also t there were some gaps between martin and van dyke also another one between matiban and alexander i

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know i mentioned earlier today he also did a very good job in that the right side i think was solid huh going forward and also defensively and about that lemme lemme say I like it I enjoy watching him play today of course everyone is asking about the Finish product so that’s why I have guys coming to Liberal to show what to bring into the game to add more goals . of the midfielder who goes forward but today it was lucky because of the post that chance goes forward but he also put a very good ball through the lines now also to allow Salah into the box to go 1v1 with the goalkeeper and he didn’t

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finish and nobody said anything about it so i think it was a good game and it’s about the moments of getting points that we can’t complain about if they’re good or not sometimes you need this kind of luck to get three points and and make this drive livable needs a boost to try and get into the top four don’t forget Vaz had another one in the second half that wasn’t ongo esque he just got kicked around a bit late on sorry I’m not under no pressure with a passed ball. he had a bit of pressure on his shoulder, but the Liverpool player was three or four yards from him and he scraped it towards his

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goalkeeper and let Nunez in. mess but back to the pit two things one Leicester got demolished at home just a few days ago by Newcastle yeah so Newcastle made a much easier job than Liverpool even though they made a few changes because of that and then the Liverpool goal than that, go from Danny World’s kick from his feet from inside around his own penalty area or inside this six yard area once Trent Alexander Arnold pushes and they’ve pushed everyone and my manager is almost in the right back position and the hen didn’t try to take a drop on a d Van Dyke tried to cross his feet a bit when Stevie said he was looking at the ball then Andy Robertson also has to tuck in has to turn around if he change on the other side Robertson they can cross but it’s like it’s almost 10 years ahead of Van Dyke too so I was so unbalanced and I saw another one that’s why I start with someone who says in 2022 I think Liverpool were the best or the Best team to drop goals in the first five minutes of games, right?

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So it’s clear they haven’t really been igniting and both games have been played by Villa who I know Stevie and I talked about this game Who other than his finishing uh played pretty well but was lousy against gold Villa that was and then Leicester today finish third again if they were better maybe Liverpool yes they would have struggled so yes they are in a decent position to challenge for the top four but I wouldn’t say they are playing very well after scoring two goals in own door. St Evie, as a coach at half time, would you be tempted to take the fights off?

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No, absolutely not. That is the last thing I would do. Absolutely the last thing I would do. where the injuries they have are particularly defensive so you know you’re putting your arm around them saying look hey so where’s it going let’s show us what you’re made of um and that’s not easy to do he did it you could see it was a little hesitant. I’ll be nice in the second half too. There were a couple of things he didn’t do. He just didn’t make good decisions, but the last thing you do in a situation like that. it’s taking away the player you have to let him play and get out of it and I think to a certain extent it did it didn’t it didn’t break down but like most people it was feeling a little bit of pressure after that and then how many days they have to get through before you buy him a Liverp ool ​​shirt Stevie I would suggest the next time they’re training someone brings someone over gets a replica of the ball and gives it to them and says one more and you could have had this it’ll just take them away hair.

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I actually asked my son at half time I said if he scored another if I bowled him over I don’t think it’s happened before but okay imagine you walked in there in the Leicester dressing room with a ball okay Lance Can you sign this for me? guys he’s uh more sports highlights and analysis be sure to download the ESPN app and for premium live streaming content and let’s not forget also ESPN FC seven days a week subscribe to ESPN Plus

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