Iza Calzado has finally shown to the public her firstborn Deia Amihan, who turned three months old.

Iza Calzado has recently introduced her firstborn, Deia Amihan, to the public. Deia turned three months old on Wednesday, April 26. In the photos shared on Iza’s Instagram page, the adorable baby can be seen lying on her tummy in a woven cradle.

“Our precious baby is blossoming quickly. On your third month milestone, we are committed to nurturing you, helping you reach your highest potential, and fulfilling your unique purpose in this world,” Calzado expressed in the caption.

“With God’s blessings, your future holds unimaginable brightness!” she joyfully added.

Amihan’s adorable charm captured the hearts of fellow celebrity moms who couldn’t contain their admiration. Fans also noticed the striking resemblance between the little one and her father, businessman Ben Wintle.

Calzado and Wintle exchanged vows in a picturesque beach wedding in Palawan back in 2018. The couple happily announced Calzado’s pregnancy during her 40th birthday celebration in August of the following year. The much-anticipated arrival of their child was joyfully revealed on March 26th.

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