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Loss of seven here’s a screen a juggling Jacobs with plenty of room to run Nick Bolton makes a pretty good inning falls behind down third and 13. a shot to Bolden is a long way to go and we’ll go down until it’s a Scanning short yard says go for it Raiders play action Carr broadcasts it up the middle so Adams got it inside the 10. Devonte touchdown what a fourth down play trying to help him get over the bump against the Chiefs three and out first time they had him this maybe a watson finish on him if you haven’t seen it be sure and look it up it’s fantastic yes with all the battles crosby has been through with alcohol and addiction trying to rack up one good day after another as a defensive coordinator he had been the coordinator defensive with the Giants the last two seasons here’s Mahomes with a first down carry and he goes head first Blitz

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coming from Las Vegas Mahomes has to wake up Say it Matthew Wright 41-yard drive still without Harrison’s butler and Wright is wide to the right and after missing two games with a concussion, hands Jacobs back on a good hole on the left side, gets eight and half foreign airs, does not play there but a flag, since Devonte Adams was defended by Fenton two for five scoring touchdowns. against Denver Adams in the end zone and a flag defended by Watson the rookie and it’s Devonte Adams one up and on him they’re going to call pass interference Jacobs touchdown Raiders first and ten for the Raiders up 14. when they pass Jacobs breaking tackles and on first down they get 13 yards Raiders gain three and out it’s been back to back touchdown drives here’s a nice

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Jacobs cut one on one and gives the foreign hit Carr Jacobs good tackle that’s Bolton again Carlson is a money receiver we hear to Lisa earlier in the pregame talk about not having Tyree kill I think in a game like this with the pressure they’re getting they’re missing out Tyree kills 18 of Valdez shocking on the first down Mahomes gets sacked by Crosby on his second of games handing McKinnon breaking tackles on a big play for a first down still going wow what a run inside 35. his longest carry of the season Every 30 yards they give it to him again why not and he gets 10.
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Crosby leaving the lead hasn’t gotten there in the past somehow for a first down it’s on Valdez scandalr second and goal Mahome pass protected caught foreign touchdown if Parr is able to get it out there Watson beat right away Nice run here by Jacobs on first down Carr steps up floats it Adams catches the balls and right now it looks like a catch and fumble out of bounds which would be a first down , the car is hit from behind and Jones takes the ball. the play is up, that ball is out, I think it’s a fumble and I think Carl is going full weight battering the 97th quarterback. defense automatic 15-yard call first round with only 31 seconds left and a timeout for Raiders trade here goes to Jacobs fourth down and two up as fancy Snead made the save and this crowd is still Carlson is good again look at the impact he made in this game Kansas City would have the ball in midfield with plenty of

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time and it’s probably a one possession game at the half this will be a horse collar and add 15 yards to the end of the play is McKinnon made the catch I mean a realistic chance is about 16 yards plus McKinnon out of bounds at 40-1 but farley’s 59 yard attempt is good it went 17 to nothing tonight not 20 to 10 as the teams traded field goals late in the half a good throw u na good catch and they struggled out of bounds what would appear to be another Kansas City first and ten by Divine Diablo third and eight Chiefs take the pressure and the pass is caught by Valdez outrageous good shot good catch first in Kansas City second half mahomes pass caught juju smith schuster the holmes kelsey has another touchdown two of them for touchdowns this third and eight pass is caught by hartman breaks a tac kle and out of bounds inside the 30 yard line just flipped the back defensive.

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Mahomes fakes a pitch and gets nine rim presses. The Chiefs pick it up. Holmes Kelsey looking for his third found it touchdown for a guy who has six catches and 24 only 24 yards has been a big factor in this game here’s a pass caught by Jesper horstad the only tight end left you know they keep working on safety for his side hand to the tackling Jacobs arm won’t do the job downfield is naughty making the save but after a gain of 13. Jacob 16 carries 95 yards just under six yards from Pop and more Jacobs able to break free inside 30 and out of bounds near the 20-yard line.
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They’ll tag him at the 22-yard line. Jacobs had a career-high 144 in the win against Denver he’s getting close to that here and down goes Carr sacked by Harris on third down and 17. Carr unloads Collins in the end zone and the pass is incomplete wow he and Thornhill went up and they both had such a good chance leading by one now Mahomes caught Valdez shocking Nate Hobbs defending on a 17 yard completion to start this drive hey the Chiefs held some to help before throwing another three -man Rush here another flag another completion and we’ll see if he again comes back straight from 37. the SE sticks but one flag is down holding the number 51 defense automatic five yard penalty first time since lone Mahomes end zone has another four tonight Travis Kelsey once again Mahomes this one has been knocked down Crosby got the seven point game now Raiders from the 25.

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Jacobs, from the backfield, got a nice block on Renfrow’s Edge and turns that catch and run into 13 yards. able to get it to Bolden for a first down thanks they would have two downs to try and get the yardage let’s see what happens on the third car Adams downfield got in touch and come to Vegas if you get a chance

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