Kanye West’s Bizarre SECRET Marriage to His Employee

Oh there’s so much love there no matter what there’s so much love there and there always will be Kanye West had a weird secret wedding he got caught marrying one of his employees she’s only 27 and has been by Kanye’s side in the past Los fans of the month are wondering why Kanye married this woman so quickly, some speculating it’s because he feels he needs to get married before intimacy for religious reasons. While others acknowledge that this may be an attempt to keep him out of mental health facilities, Kim Kardashian is nonetheless angry. so let’s go abroad I wasn’t expecting this, but it looks like Kanye West is newly married, he had a surprise ceremony with easy architecture designer Bianca sensori Bianca has reportedly worked for the company for several years and the duo was recently spotted together.

Everything we know about Kanye West's secret new wife, the Kim lookalike  who works at Yeezy

TMZ claims that he had this secret wedding with this mystery woman and that she is an architectural designer. Kanye West doesn’t just hang around. n with a mysterious blonde he is also married to her recently they had a private ceremony to celebrate their love her name is Bianca sensori and it looks like she is Australian and she has worked as an architecture designer at easy for several years which several years like how long have they been been talking, as you can see, Kanye is already wearing a ring here, so, he kind of moved on. Quick, the gold digger rapper was also seen wearing a ring on that finger.

Kanye West Secretly Married His Co Worker? - S Chronicles
A source told the publication that the couple had a sword wedding ceremony. even though they haven’t filed any legal paperwork to become husband and wife, it doesn’t seem like the marriage is legal yet because no certificate has been filed, but allegedly he has been treating her like a wife. Out and about in this hotel in Beverly Hills, which you actually know I don’t live far from Beverly Hills, so a lot of people have told me they’ve been seeing Kanye everywhere for the past month. Kanye released a song titled Sensory Overload which is like Sensory Overload but her name is Bianca Sensori and it’s a tribute to his new wife um I also thought it was Kim but I’m guessing this is Bianca Sensori right here as long as the lyrics don’t tie it directly to her there are some possible clues as to why she wanted a quick ceremony the line the bible says i can’t have any more you know what until i’m married so maybe she felt like she couldn’t do anything with Bianca until they were married together we really don’t know a lot about Bianca and it seems like everything about her on the internet has been intentionally deleted now that she’s married to Kanye everyone is pulling up all the receipts and I found this article that had a lot of information on her so it looks like she’s been working for Yeezy since 2020 um , he looks like he’s around 27 and he’s from Australia, he looks like he has a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree, and here’s his LinkedIn profile, so let’s go ahead and see yes I do I don’t use LinkedIn because um yeah someone treated me like dogs before but oh she’s an architectural designer which I’m not entirely sure what that means is it building design or is it like design of clothes?

Kanye West 'married' - Rapper 'weds' Yeezy designer Bianca Censori two  months after Kim Kardashian divorce finalized | The Sun

Seems like it’s more building design but if you have any ideas please comment below this, I found this interesting because Bianca talked about her upbringing in an interview in November 2021 but it was removed which I don’t understand why Hypebeast would remove it unless really as a powerful person like Kanye paid to have them do it her and Kanye were first seen together in early January 2023 and they hadn’t been legally married at this point that was pretty much the first time they we saw them together and we weren’t even sure if they were dating so the fact that they’re married now is like next level what appears to be Bianca’s Instagram has now disappeared after the news that she’s married per which doesn’t seem like she only has 16k followers t oo so she wasn’t like a big influencer oh this is weird so Kim I guess she posted cryptic quotes shortly before the marriage news broke child, it seems that Kim has responded, she has posted two Instagram stories and writes, just remember that the black sheep usually converts. on the goat keep doing it and then we have another one right here people who want to see you win will help you win remember i’m not entirely sure what he’s referring to but it must be related to the Kanye situation because why would he post this?
Kanye West Secretly Married YEEZY Employee Bianca Censori


It’s very out of character for him and you don’t know something he normally posts on his Instagram that you guys know he cares about his Instagram maybe more than his kids saying I’m really in my age calm girl. i have a lot to say just a lot to do the people who want to see you win will help you win remember that and just remember that the black sheep usually turns into a goat what do you guys think of this marriage so far are you here for it or are you here for it? you think that Kanye is like in some kind of episode personally when I first heard this I was like, okay okay, maybe this is a way that he can avoid being like 51.50 because if he has this marriage and he has this partner, makes me think britney is like britney spears and her rushed wedding like why did she have to marry so badly to avoid getting locked up again so maybe now that he’s married to this like you know Bianca ma’am she can defend him and keep him away. of like these scary facilities but maybe this wedding is a distraction because Kanye could find himself in big legal trouble and it’s all because he doesn’t have lawyers and this could result in him losing these lawsuits or millions of dollars like it’s pretty. many automatically lose Kanye is still ghosting the old lawyers of him and hasn’t found a new one yet.

Kim Kardashian will 'despair at erratic Kanye West's fast track to  implosion' amid secret 'marriage', says expert | The Irish Sun
It seems that there are currently two cases in the courts and not having a lawyer is not good, but I am also wondering. er, if these lawyers don’t even want to work with him, one of these lawsuits is a court backlog from a law firm claiming Kanye hired them but never paid them, then it seems there’s a group of employees who got together and filed a class action lawsuit against Kanye and, um, I guess Yeezy likes working for them, we’ve talked about how his former employees have exposed him, you know, he’s a tragic boss in the workplace, but it looks like they’re looking for six million dollars in damages, so there’s about 10 million dollars that these people are looking for because 6 million of the ex-employees and then 4.5 million of the lawyers who claim they haven’t been paid, but you can’t really run away from these things as if they were. to keep finding you and if you’re not found the judge will just make you lose by default so I’m not entirely sure what the implications of this are but I know running from the law is not a good idea. all i want to hear w What do you think in the comments below?

Kanye West Secret Wedding With Mystery Woman!!! She's a Yeezy Architect
I’m definitely really taken aback by this whole story and it looks like North has a new stepmom now so the Kardashian family continues to expand but I want to hear what you guys think in the comments below. I don’t feel good I sound sick because this part of my neck is so swollen and hurts and then this ear hurts too come on excuse me I just need to see if you guys have any advice because I think I’m going to go to Urgent Care but I don’t even I don’t even have health care so it’s a big fight but anyway I want to hear what you guys think and I’ll see you guys at a new one soon bye guys.

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