King Hippo Vs King Crocodile

But nothing goes to waste the death of a hippo provides a meal for the most fearsome and efficient predators in rivers the Nile crocodile grows up to five meters long these crocodiles hunt and feed like petty thieves the carcass of a hippo downstream from the studio is instantly attacked by these voracious reptiles. This is, a hundred meters in front of us, a classic Luangwa. He sees a tank embedded in the water and about 30 crocodiles. corpse crocodile obviously mom would be one of them there seems to be a whole gang of them trying to force crops for taylor lake sleeve speeches making it a

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crime the sacred hippos and crocodiles they normally coexist peacefully crocs will take every opportunity to prey on a weak animal or search for a dead one we did see one or two of these hippos doing these big warning displays which really is a threat to crocodiles they are not trying to scare away to the crocodiles with this big yawn and you know sharp teeth remember the crocs obviously weren’t intimidated by that at all and the crops are here in numbers so you know the

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hippos have no chance of really driving Allisyn Leslie is one of the main authorities on Nile crocodiles, explains to one of the film crew the unique way in which crocodiles feed so if it’s a piece of bone that’s going to literally crush 2,000 pounds per square inch that they were crushing until it’s you know in some kind of soft enough condition for them to swallow and if it’s a piece of, say, skin or guts they just pull it out it’s shaking shaking wagging tails it’s literally sliding down their throat there’s some kind of hierarchy in there where we rely on each other to really grab either end of a piece of prey and spin in the opposite direction so even though for to us it looks like this crazy frenzy and splashing there is actually a really controlled type of system in place they are amazing they are all concentrated in areas the hippos are dying slowly but

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surely and these cleaning machines have arrived just so you know to keep the system cool the crocodiles are opportunistic they feed on fish in the river and at this time of year we will make the most of any hip dying or dead opótamo but they will also take advantage of any animal that comes to the river to drink with that amount of jugs in an area obviously if there is an Impala on the shore There will be a series of clay pots for that animal if it does not rain.

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I think there will be a bit of a ruckus in some of these areas, so for thirsty animals, this crocodile-infested river is as dangerous as it gets. necessary that

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