Lakers Concerned About Making Mistake With Win-Now Trade?

Hello Lakers Nation. Are the Lakers concerned about compounding mistakes by making another win now move? And could that prevent them from making a trade this season? I’m Trevor Lane for Lakers Nation. Subscribe right here to the Lakers Nation YouTube channel. All right Jovan Booyah wrote the other day for the Athletic that the Lakers are concerned about compounding past mistakes by making another win.

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Now move in that particular part of his article got a lot of Lakers fans very upset because it was suggesting that perhaps the front office might not be so gung ho about making a trade and could maybe even not make a trade at all. And I can understand the frustration from fans. I really can, that in this situation we’re watching LeBron James night in and night out. No, Anthony Davis, right. He’s out due to injury right now. And you’ve got LeBron essentially on an island doing everything he can to try to will this team to victory and he just doesn’t have enough around him. I mean we’re seeing it night after night after night. As soon as LeBron steps off the floor, everything falls to pieces for the Lakers. You look at the plus minus numbers, they look almost unbelievable how bad the team is. As soon as LeBron is not on the floor and this guy is 37, going to be 38 in just a few days here and he’s being asked to carry that burden. And so you see that playing out and the knee jerk reaction is, well, save him.

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Somebody help this man make a trade. Give him something that can help him actually win basketball games. Don’t waste another good season of LeBron James. And I think it’s perfectly reasonable to feel that way. However, let me let me say this. So when I hear that the Lakers are concerned about compounding mistakes, my first thought is, yeah, they should be. They 100% should be concerned about compounding mistakes. And that’s not saying they shouldn’t make a move. They should make a move, but they should 100% be concerned if they’re not concerned about compounding mistakes by throwing caution to the wind and making a win, now move, then they’re doing it wrong.

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This team 100% needs to be worried about what their future looks like and they have to find a good deal. You see, here’s the problem. We’re still in December right now. That means prices on the trade market are sky high and they are especially sky high for the Lakers. Whether you want to call it a Lakers tax, whether you want to call it a pelinka tax, whatever it is, teams are going to try to charge the Lakers like crazy to get any kind of a deal done. Right now, they’re going to try to fleece the Lakers. Why? Because there’s blood in the water. Everyone sees what’s going on around the league. This was the gamble the Lakers took in the off season was that, hey, if we’re not going to do the Myles Turner and Buddy Hield deal right before media day and I said they should have done that.

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A lot of Lakers fans said they should have done that. But that’s past. We’re past that now. If they’re not going to do that, they’re going to go into the season, they’re going to take the gamble that he team’s going to play well enough to where they will have leverage in trade talks, leverage that they didn’t have perhaps last summer, that the team’s going to keep their head above water. And Rob Pelinka can confidently say we don’t have to make a move, so we’re only going to do the right move now. Things have not played out that way at all. Right? Anthony Davis is injured. The team is 13 and 20. They are slipping further into the Western Conference. Opportunity is still there for them to rise up, but I don’t know if they can even wait until the trade deadline on February 9th. So if you’re an opposing team and you see the Lakers, what’s going on right now, what’s happening with LeBron, what’s happening with the standings, you’re calling up the Lakers, you’re getting into trade negotiations and you’re giving them a Sharky offer because there’s blood in the water. You’re feeling like this is a desperate team and you’re going to try to make them overpay for anything you want. A couple of rotation players. Cool. We’ll take 20, 27 and 2029 unprotected for just some role players for the Lakers.

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They’re saying, no, we need pieces that can really make a difference. We don’t need to make a move out of desperation just to say we did something and get players that don’t really move the needle. Now, again, we can argue over who moves the needle and who doesn’t. You go back. They looked at Buddy Hield and Myles Turner as guys who wouldn’t move the needle. I disagree. I think those guys would have made a lot of sense for this team, especially right now with Anthony Davis out. And I understand why a lot of Lakers fans feel the same way, but nonetheless they’re looking for guys who can actually move the needle and not a deal. That will be a fleecing where a few years from now we go, oh, my gosh, this team’s got the 2027 pick unprotected and now it’s going to be a top three pick or something like that because the Lakers are in a rebuild. They have to be careful in this scenario. And so knowing that that’s what’s out there, the teams are going to try to prey upon them as a desperate trade partner. The Lakers have to put out there that, hey, we’re concerned about compounding mistakes. We don’t want to rush into anything stupid. We don’t want to make a bad deal and we’re not going to. And perhaps with ad out, the Lakers can even make the argument, you know what? Without AD not knowing exactly when he’s coming back, we’re not even 100% sure that we’re going to be able to make this playoff push

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So you’d really if we’re going to do anything, you’d. Really better give us something good because we need to feel really comfortable that we can make a playoff push with these players because otherwise it doesn’t make sense for us to do it. As painful as it might be, we may just go into next summer with $30 Million or So in Cap space, three first round picks to play with on the trade market and then build from there. Not saying they need to do that, not saying you shouldn’t help LeBron, but they need to be able to present that as a realistic option so that they do have some kind of leverage on the trade front. So again, if it’s me, I hear they’re concerned about compounding mistakes. I think, yes, they absolutely should be. And that’s what they need to get out there right now. They need to present that they are worried about this. And I know that doesn’t feel good for fans to hear. You want to hear we are going to do something. We’re going to make it happen. That’s what we heard back over the summer when LeBron James done that extension. And Rob Pelinka said the Lakers would do everything they could to support him, including moving future picks. Why is the messaging changed so much? Well, because the trade market is not favorable to them right now.
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So they’ve got to figure out some kind of way to get leverage and presenting that front that, you know what, if we don’t get the right deal, we’re okay with not doing anything that’s really important to ultimately getting not just a deal, but a fair deal that’s going to be really important here for the Lakers that you don’t get fleeced in a trade Lakers nation. Give me your thoughts, though. You know what? I see a lot of fans who say, well, LeBron was part of the rush trade. He he was angling for that trade. And so he should just kind of lie in the bed that he made here. I think this is more on the front office. They’re the ones that have to actually pull the trigger on deals. Even if LeBron goes to them and says, hey, I want you to make this trade. I know LeBron’s got a lot of influence, but the front office has the ability to say no, they’re the ones that actually have to phone in the trade. So what would you like to see the front office do here? Do you continue to hold off on making a move, or would you prefer that they make a move right now, even knowing that in terms of value you might be losing that trade? Give me your thoughts in the comment section. Don’t forget subscribe right here to the Lakers nation YouTube channel. Ring that notification bell as well. Till next time, see you and stay safe.

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