Man captures adorable photos of triplets inside gigantic watermelon

Martin Davis, a resident of Lumberton, North Carolina, delightedly captured charming photographs of his triplets, Michael, Macie, and Mathieu, as they gleefully posed inside a gigantic 175-pound watermelon.

On August 5, with the help of their mother, Vickie Jones, Martin Davis organized a photo shoot featuring his triplets, Michael, Macie, and Mathieu, inside a massive 175-pound watermelon.

Davis had previously grown large watermelons but had taken a hiatus from the activity for a few years. However, upon learning that he would be welcoming children, he felt inspired to revive his old hobby. The triplets were born on March 28, all within minutes of each other, and the watermelons were planted in early April.

The watermelon utilized for the photo shoot marks Martin Davis’ largest cultivation to date. To ascertain its weight, he initially employed a bathroom scale and subsequently verified the measurement of its substantial 175 pounds by taking it to a certified scale.

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