Man Found Tiniest Kitten While Working on a Car and Knew He Had to Help…

It was just an ordinary Saturday at an automotive repair shop in Houston when something unexpected happened. Kyle, a mechanic, was working on a car when he made a surprising discovery – a tiny newborn kitten. What happened next is a heartwarming tale of compassion, dedication, and the bond between a man and a kitten.

Discovery of the Kitten

As Kyle was working on a Volkswagen Jetta, he pulled out the front wheel well liner, and to his surprise, a tiny furry creature fell out. At first, he assumed it was a rat, but when he heard a small “mew,” he quickly realized it was a kitten. Despite being spooked at first, Kyle’s love for cats drew him towards the tiny creature.

“I pulled the front wheel well liner out of a Volkswagen Jetta not very carefully and out fell what I immediately assumed to be a rat,” Kyle recalled. “Naturally, cats are a magnetic force for me.”

Rescue and Care

Upon further inspection, Kyle found that the kitten still had her umbilical cord attached, her eyes closed, and she was crying incessantly. Without a moment’s hesitation, Kyle sprang into action. He ripped off his work shirt and used it to create a makeshift bed in his hat. He carefully scooped up the kitten and placed her on his toolbox.

As a cat lover, Kyle saw it as his mission to help the tiny kitten thrive. He immediately contacted a friend who worked at an animal clinic for guidance. Despite being at work, Kyle focused on caring for the kitten, neglecting his job responsibilities.

“I proceeded to not do my job at work at all, instead I verified no other kittens were in the vehicle and retraced every step I could to try and find mama or other kittens but nothing,” Kyle said.

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