Manchester United vs. Everton Reaction: United was ‘always a step ahead’

If Manchester United progress safely to the next round of the cup as the pressure continues to mount on Everton manager Frank Lampard for more on this game, then please welcome Donna Hutchinson to the Don show when United opened the scoring early you thought this could be a real problem for

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everton they fought but in the end it’s another loss for the toffees and another win for united yea a bit of game context i thought everton tried in the second half , I thought they looked great once the substitutions were made, they looked a bit more aggressive going forward, they seemed confident staying in the game after the early goal, you’re right, I think we’re all sitting there watching and thinking, My God, this could be anything. it could be three four five of them in the confusion Frank Lampard will be in trouble but his team reacted the right way they got back in

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the game they were very unlucky with the VAR decision it was offside but it was very tight the wide of a boot and Everett was sitting at 2-2 suddenly taking an equalizer going back to Goodison Park things could have been different a third goal out of context was a tyrant Defender Ben Godfrey chasing the garnacho back that was a Little jarring in terms of one being fit and strong and fresh, the other being game tired, so I didn’t think it was a result that would put Frank under more pressure.

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I think I don’t think Everton board will react from the end of the scoreboard I think they’ll give it to Southampton and West Ham so I’m trying to put a lot of context into this game from a Manchester United perspective this win run keep going Stevie was like you for United um not particularly brilliant but at the same time they always seemed a step ahead of Everton and that’s more or less they have been for most of

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what we’ve seen this season they’ve been a step ahead of the opposition and when they’ve had to do it they have been able to change gears and continue and win the game they pretty much did today of course it helps to know the goal the goal everyone did this allowed people to understand when we talk about half the games in your head I don’t know it’s all about skill that’s the perfect example of having a soccer brain because when you go for the ball back the first thing that comes to mind is not c run offside true but what does it do?

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It goes out of play. It’s just a complete and utter mistake and it costs them a repeat. Tell me about Marcus Rashford. The confident player. The best player on the field. and every time he got the ball on that left side and now he’s isolated with Coleman, it’s something that while Steve and I were watching the games like he needed help, come on, someone come help him, especially when and you’re playing with uh back five essentially if you’re

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Everton you have enough numbers to pass on that help if that help didn’t come then rashford was always going to have the space to beat Coleman the change of pace the confidence he’s playing with the ability to set up chances in this case the penalty kick , but I think beyond the penalty kick is the fact that Marcus Rashford was always dangerous today on that left side but also in combination also in the build game there were a lot of markets like the performance today but I think it has there’s been a lot to like about marcus rashford over the last month or so, well, you’ve really liked today as well.

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Don is that they are both strong sides, yeah that’s great to see. um I thought Evan had to um I wasn’t sure what ten hog was going to do with a big game against City next but he had done the right thing he played a strong side and exactly what he does Dan he just follows the momentum it goes if they played a weaker side never showed up and snuck the drawer snuck the win might dent their confidence but no they get another home win keep marching on move on to the next round they can go into that game with a little more confidence a little more confidence if they’re not flying already

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