Meet One of Nature’s Biggest Mistakes

Like and subscribe right now or this spider will crawl across your face when you are sleeping. The world is filled with many shocking, quirky, and simply amazing creatures that are undoubtedly nature’s greatest flaw, from aliens in the oceans to monsters on earth. animals that give chills by their mere appearance wolf eel are considered one of the ugliest in the ocean and the credit goes to their creepy faces this terrifying creature belongs to the depths of the sea and is known as the wolf eel but in reality it is not even a lobo ni una eel is a native fish of the Pacific Ocean that hides under the seabed and in contrast to its terrifying appearance these fish are quite friendly and curious while many divers are seen feeding these fish some of the fish will come out casually from their den by themselves to get to divers looking for any food golden tailed gecko with its big bulging eyes and spotted scales on the body it may look like a normal gecko but its nowhere near it well the eyes aren’t the same o The only reason geckos are famous but it’s actually their multifunctional history which is basically their weapon against predators as these golden tails They will spew a sticky, foul-smelling liquid on predators as a defense mechanism and that’s not all for a gecko’s wonders. tail because if a predator grabs it by the tail the gecko will choose to tear it off to save it don’t worry it will grow back at some point probiscus worm this little worm belongs to the genus family and lives in the shallows. and is currently scaring scientists with his weird techniques at first, it wasn’t obvious why the worm would vomit in such a creepy way,

Meet One of Nature's Biggest Mistakes - YouTube

but it was later revealed that it’s not the vomit he spits out, the milky goo is actually the equipment Worm hunting, yes. you heard right, the worm launches the branched probiscus to catch its prey, which are usually snails and other small marine worms, great poto, one of the strangest birds on our planet, these are the poto. the birds, while having facial features like owls, are not even related to them, but are actually members of the Frogmouth family, they are so hard to spot because of their excellent camouflage abilities and another contributing factor to their oddity is that they come out at night, when they come out of their nest legs, which consist mostly of insects and eat mostly flying insects, because nature didn’t really give these monkeys any chance, as they have the strangest faces in the wild Although both genders have different appearances, it is the males in these monkeys that take center stage due to their black body and strangely white faces.

Meet One of Nature's Biggest Mistakes - YouTube
These monkeys spend most of their time in the lower branches of the trees and rarely go down e they even sleep curled up in branches these monkeys can grow up to 16 inches long and their bushy tails can be as long as their body which helps them to Keep the balance. Gerbil legs like a kangaroo. Rabbit ears and mouse body. The gerbil is surely in it. Their kind are the jumping rodents and when pursued they can jump up to 16 miles per hour and can jump several feet sometimes projecting a zigzag path they live in the deserts of China and southern Mongolia gerboas do not drink water and they get their minerals from the food they eat which is mostly plants and insects The secretary bird although it can fly secretary birds are the only land birds that forage for food on foot among birds of prey secretary birds have longer legs Long with large scales that keep them safe from brush, adult birds will walk over forests and stalk over grass for small insects and reptiles.

Meet One of Nature's Biggest Mistakes - YouTube
These birds are also famous for their ability to pick up and hunt snakes and even poisonous ones while catching them either by chasing them or trampling them to death the stonefish meets the Masters by disguising themselves in the poisonous among all other fish the stonefish Named due to stone-like skin these fish have large bulging eyes and can grow up to 15 inches long, they hide incredibly and often lie motionless or partially buried under the ground, therefore it is almost impossible to detect on the surface of the reef and although they do not attack humans, their bite can be fatal to others, especially shrimp and small fish, umbrella bird, although the bird resembles a crow, it is the long, inflated duck of this bird which makes it stand out among others known as the umbrella bird due to the small hood of hair that it has on its beak. the high, leafy and deep forests of Colombia residing entirely in the fruits, these birds play an important role in the ecosystem of their environment, since they distribute the seeds of the fruit that they eat from the virgin forests zombie worms that leave the dirty work for other animals these worms eat only the bones of the dead as they live 3000 meters deep in the Western Pacific Ocean they reside in

Meet One Of Natures Biggest Mistakes - YouTube

Bones however their way of eating is quite different from ours because an assadax worm has no stomach or mouth, it will release an acid that will dissolve the bones releasing the protein and fat inside and then the symbiotic bacteria in your body will digest these nutrients spider crab native to japanese waters these crabs are considered a great catch for any angler due to due to their rarity with their long legs that extend for more than four meters and reach 40 pounds in weight, they are considered the giants of the family of crabs, but despite being so large, spider crabs do not hunt but are scavengers and survive on dead and decaying carcasses and are often seen eating algae on the ocean floor magnificent frigate bird with the most striking feature is found with the frigate bird Birds famous for their red throat pouches known as golar pouches well these birds are quite aware of their distinctive features as during the breeding season male birds will inflate those pouches and drum on them with their hooked beaks to attract the female and it’s quite a scene because the competitive rival males will push the bloated sacs while fighting them trying to keep it and at the same time the female birds are looking for their perfect mate: the bobtail squid , the purple squid has such strange features that it can easily be mistaken for a cartoon character , but is actually native to the waters of southern California and Japan.

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Squid are rarely found deeper than 4,000 meters in the North Pacific Ocean, but when it comes to catching prey, these little squid are ambushed. predators and have a hidden super power in that they can put a jacket of sticky mucus over them and use whatever they are sitting on as pebbles or sand on the floor and when they have grabbed the prey the squid will wear the thistle down velvet jacket ant Many believe it to be an ant while others call it a parasitic wasp and it is considered a misnomer as no one knows the truth about this strange creature its entire body is covered in white fur and it is native to the desert regions of the Southwest of America and The Clash about their species is mainly because the males have wings like a wasp while the females are wingless so they use their legs which gives them the ant look absolute

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foreign pick of the day This image was sent to us by a subscriber similarly, if you ever want to know more about an image you find just send it to us, who knows, we might even include it in a o from our videos, the video was captured by an Explorer while he was working through the forest, but when he got to the middle of a forest, he was shocked to see the middle of the forest covered in cobwebs with some spiders hanging on the web and a giant waiting for him at the end and one even attacked a man while he was still trying to record it, although the video was quite convincing to some of the viewers, it seems to us that he was walking through an old film set, was it a trap or the spiders were actually waiting for him in the woods, you be the judge sea pig I know it’s hard to believe but sea pigs are a real thing and are commonly known as sea cucumbers just like wolf eels sea pigs Living in the deepest, darkest parts of the ocean, they have inflated cylindrical bodies that can grow up to six inches long and tiptoe across the ocean floor.

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Sea pigs forage for food and although much is unknown about them due to their deep habitat, scientists have found that sea pigs are true scavengers and will use their multiple tentacles to steal decaying material and dead carcasses thanks for watching be sure share and subscribe for more entertaining videos bye

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