Missing clouded leopard found, police still investigating

We begin with breaking news at the Dallas Zoo, where officials have just confirmed they have found the missing clouded leopard. she was found by the dallas zoo called the cool blue this morning after the team went to check out the habitat and found nova gone now koblu means a non-dangerous animal is on the loose and damon fernandez has been covering developments at the zoo all day lawsuit was going on now we will hear

Missing clouded leopard at Dallas Zoo found | CTV News

Chris after more than seven hours of searching Dallas zoo staff say the missing clouded leopard her name is Nova has been located and is safe at this time, however, I want to tell you about a criminal investigation into what exactly happened. here on the zoo grounds it’s still going on, just listen, investigators had come out and when they looked at the area where the leopard was the clouded leopard they believed and believe this was an intentional act so we started a criminal investigation.
Dallas Zoo: Clouded leopard still missing, 'suspicious' breach found in  habitat | WCBD News 2


Dallas Police Sgt. Warren Mitchell with the Dallas Police told us that it appeared the fence of the cloudy leopard enclosure was intentionally cut down. Now, executives at the Dallas Zoo told us they noticed the cat was missing this morning when staff were doing a count now. Zoo staff called local police to bring in drones and technology to help search the grounds at the areas close to that clouded leopard called Nova. We learned that Nova was located on zoo grounds just before five tonight Zoo staff They say they found her near the original habitat and that teams were able to safely capture her about 45 minutes ago.

Police investigate after Dallas Zoo's missing leopard is found
Now they don’t think Nova is hurt, but the vets are evaluating her right now. This update brings some relief to the Dallas Zoo staff. and the community in the area, yet the criminal investigation knew exactly what happened here is still ongoing. I want to let you know that Dall as Zoo says that some of their exhibits, especially the wild African exhibit, will be open tomorrow while checks on Nova’s safety and her condition

Dallas police open criminal investigation after clouded leopard escapes  from zoo exhibit | Fox News

continue and the investigation into that criminal investigation into how the fence was cut continues in Dallas I’m Damon Fernandez Chris yes a lot to unpack your demand thank you cloud and leopard is actually one of the oldest cat species living in dense forest areas ranging from the foothills of the Himalayas to southern China , it is also a vulnerable species one step below endangered that is considered to face a high risk of extinction in the wild clouded leopards hunt smaller animals like birds and squirrels but in captivity they are sociable and friendly like the one at the Dallas Zoo

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