Mom of Triplets Shares Amazing Pregnancy Transformation Photos

The Fairbanks couple, who already have two children, were overjoyed to learn that their family was expanding. They consider their children to be a blessing, and while they had not necessarily planned for a large family, the prospect of having a third child was a dream come true. When they found out they were expecting a son, their two children were beyond thrilled to have a younger brother on the way. The family was filled with excitement and anticipation as they prepared to welcome their newest addition into their loving home.

During her third pregnancy, the Fairbanks mother had a distinct sense that things were not the same as before. It was not a negative feeling but rather a different one. She trusted her gut feeling, which she believed would never deceive her.

Crystal Fairbanks was overjoyed to discover that she was pregnant, even though it was unplanned. However, during her tenth-week checkup with her doctor, she was advised to take a utsu. Despite this unexpected request, Crystal remained optimistic about the pregnancy. But during the examination, she could sense a shift in the physician’s demeanor from relaxed to serious, which made her anxious.

Crystal recalled the moment when the doctor was performing an ultrasound during her 10th week of pregnancy. Initially, everything seemed normal until the doctor’s expression turned serious. She was worried that there was no baby, or something was wrong. However, to her surprise, the doctor exclaimed, “Oh my God, I hear two heartbeats! You’re expecting twins!” The mother was shocked and overjoyed to hear the news.

Fairbanks, a mother of two, was excited to welcome another child into their family. However, during a routine check-up, she was advised to take an ultrasound, which revealed a surprise. Fairbanks, along with her husband, discovered that they were not expecting two, but three children. The realization of their upcoming triplets was a shock but also a blessing for the couple. As the pregnancy progressed, Fairbanks felt that something was different than her previous pregnancies, and her gut feeling turned out to be true.

Crystal Fairbanks anticipated that she would give birth through a cesarean section, but as the delivery date approached, she became increasingly anxious. During her pregnancy, she was determined to prioritize her babies’ health and ensure that they had enough time to develop in the womb. She heard numerous stories about premature births and was therefore constantly counting down the days until it was safe to deliver her triplets. Despite her worries, she remained focused on her goal of carrying her babies to full term.

During her pregnancy with triplets, the expectant mother found herself bombarded with scary stories from others who had experienced difficult deliveries. Despite her best efforts to remain focused on the health of her babies and carrying them for as long as possible, she couldn’t help but feel anxious about the delivery. Fortunately, her OB was understanding and accommodating. He went out of his way to schedule the delivery during his vacation time so he could be there to provide her with the support and comfort she needed

The delivery of the triplets went surprisingly smoothly despite the initial anxiety and fear that Crystal had experienced. The presence of almost 20 people in the operating room including three doctors, nurses, an anesthesiologist, and a NICU crew for each baby made her feel more at ease. The anesthesiologist was especially comforting, holding her hand and talking her through the procedure.

Meanwhile, Evan was present, alternating between Crystal’s side and the doctors’ side to check on each baby’s oxygen levels. The triplets were born in a unique sequence – Eli came first, head down, followed by Easton, who was born in the sac, and finally, Jade, who was born feet first. Evan captured the entire delivery on video, which Crystal and Evan have chosen to keep private for now. However, they have shared a small snippet of it to give their friends and family a glimpse of their unforgettable moment.

Recovering from the delivery of triplets has been a challenging experience for me. Since my belly was stretched beyond its limit, it took longer for my incision to fully close and heal. For the first month after the delivery, I had to use both hands to lift my belly to check the incision site. However, after a lot of care and patience, I am happy to say that the incision has finally healed completely. Despite the difficulties, I am grateful for the blessing of three healthy babies and wouldn’t trade this experience for anything.

The mother reflected on the delivery experience and expressed a wish to have been less nervous about it. She realized that the moment was truly unique and she wished she could relive it once more. The excitement of meeting her three babies for the first time, the support of the medical team, and the presence of loved ones made it a truly special occasion. Despite the challenging recovery process, she felt grateful for the experience and the precious memories it brought.

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