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umber eight Titanic The Titanic disaster was an immense and tragic loss of human life, although it is easy to overlook the great expense involved financially, it also caused the 21st century equivalent of $150 million, while the story of how this Olympic class ship of the White Star The line hitting an iceberg is well known, actually there is a little more to it than that, mention is made of the fierce competition that existed in those days between shipbuilders Harlan and Wolf Yard in Ireland got the The job of building the RMS Titanic and it took three years to complete the 882-foot-long ocean liner doesn’t seem like a rushed job, but even so the pressure was on to go head-to-head with the White Star’s opponents in the field.

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It is emphasized that the Titanic was so well built that it said there were problems with it setting off on its maiden voyage in April 1912. The bulkhead walls were reportedly on the low side, which meant that water could spill over the top in certain situations threatening the stability of the s A fire also broke out on board and was speculated to have led the Titanic to speed up and make a collision of some kind at sea more likely a few days after her departure. An iceberg was seen on the night of April 15. This was avoided with what was felt. like a scrape against the Salon of the Titanic, unfortunately for the crew who couldn’t see underwater, the iceberg had a prominent spur that went through the hull and left a 300 foot hole for the water to seep through, it took less than three hours to sink in the North Atlantic near Newfoundland Surprisingly, lifeboats were missing which contributed to the death toll.

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There were 2,240 souls on board and more than 1,500 died. The $150 million we’re referring to raises concerns about the ship’s construction costs. John Jacob Astor IV there were also expensive items, the most expensive of which was the 19th century oil painting lasikasien aban by Mary Joseph Blondell owner Moritz hakian bjornstrom Stephenson couldn’t r Listen to the piece so count it when disaster number seven of the Challenger, the heartbreaking and devastating disaster that engulfed the space shuttle Challenger in January 1986, is still remembered in horror today live on air, the shuttle ruptured and exploded, all that people could do both on the ground and around. the world was watching all seven crew members lose their lives the crew was going up there to position a satellite and observe the movements of Hayley’s comet just after 73 seconds the shuttle disintegrated the cause of the tragedy was attributed to the rubber components called o-rings that were supposed to seal the joints in rocket boosters when the rings didn’t stretch properly due to being too cold.

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The gasket ruptured, resulting in a gas leak and explosion marking the end of astronaut installation of satellites with NASA relying on what are known as Expendable Launch Vehicles being dumped into space. or the office of safety, reliability, and qua Quality insurance was established after this disaster, which was the agency’s first fatal flight accident. The human cost was incalculable, but how much did the agency lose in dollars? one hundred sixty dollars and 58 cents in today’s money number six Vital bridge we are going to Germany for an upcoming expensive accident in a car accident that brought drama and tragedy to the vital bridge in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia in the US.

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This crosses the vital Valley that extends between the city of Colonia and the town of Alpa, the date was August 2004 in a total nightmare scenario, a tanker truck and a car collided with each other on the bridge carrying 7039 gallons of fuel the truck fell an alarming 90 feet earlier hitting the ground and exploding sadly the driver was killed the bridge which was opened in 1971 looked like a solid structure made of steel and supported by concrete pillars however this large vehicle was too much for the railing with its maximum tolerance of 13 tons, reportedly such was the heat of The Inferno that it damaged the bridge and had to be replaced with a 40 mill note ones of dollars for temporary use only. job done you can tell this was going to be expensive in fact the vital bridge accident is the biggest financial tragedy the federal republic has ever seen what was the estimated total cost went up to 358 million dollars at the end of 2007 was in up and running again but This was clearly a huge project the bridge took a little over three years to restore all through an accident the

10 Most Expensive Accidents in History of the World - Wonderslist

unbelievable B2 accident number five as you can imagine the US Air Force spends a lot of money ,often this is for major machinery tech and Equipment but sometimes they have accidents and when that bill comes it’s pretty dazzling, this was the case in February 2008 with a B2 stealth bomber which went up in flames for an astonishing reason. what was the reason we will get into that shortly the disaster site was Anderson Air Force Base in the Western Pacific Territory of Guam inside the plane called In the spirit of Kansas two pilots realized something had gone wrong when the wing touched the ground after attempting to take off.

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They hit the eject button before the B2 fell and burned. What happened. Short rain got into the sensors, leading to confusion calculating the angle they were at in the cockpit. People often rely on flight control readings. machine done also reported condensation inside what is called pressure transducers on short things that measure pressure levels and keep everything in a tight straight line at the end the piece did not fly straight and was a very tight squeak for the two guys look at what the damage was a super strong estimate of 1.4 billion dollars which in today’s money is about 1.69 billion dollars the B2 was supposed to head h come to the Whiteman base in Missouri in Instead it crashed and burned in a different part of the world sad but at least no one lost their lives and it is a reminder of how precarious the business of flying a plane can be the number four Prestige oil spill despite of the prestigious name the situation with this tanker got

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incredibly messy as a result of spain and portugal witnessing their biggest environmental disaster on record in 2002 this was a disaster in more ways than one do keep watching to find out how a combination of elements contributed to this disastrous fuel spill in a scenic spot to begin with the weather was bad even a big tanker like the prestige might have a hard time it was traveling through a north west area of Spain known as Costa De La Muerte, which translates as the coast of death, what are the odds? uh, as the waves batter the ship, manage to spill inside the boat and put pressure on the metal which was weakened in places at the end, a 50 foot hole was reported created in the hull with a major

10 Most Expensive Accidents in History of the World - Wonderslist

environmental threat in the offing The Prestige was in trouble not only with the sea but also with the land that could possibly have docked in Port but Spain Portugal and neighboring countries did not want that disaster on their doorstep as the crew were evacuated to safety it seems there was a lot of discussion with 77 000 reported metric tons of not just one but two types of oil time was of the essence because no one wanted the tanker that finally broke in half off the Spanish coast of Galicia, at which point it sank and a staggering 20 million tons gallons was slowly and inevitably dumped into the water, polluting the ecosystem for years to come.

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An astonishing 22,000 birds died as the drama unfolded, and apparently all 125 tons of fuel leaked into the water every day. it’s crazy so what happened next and who was responsible millions of euros were handed out to help affected places fines were eventually issued and the hot topic of co astal contamination was highlighted as a result in a controversial way the captain of The Prestige was sentenced to two years behind bars the Supreme Court ruled that he had been reckless while the Galician court system ruled otherwise in total $12 billion was the cost of this epic accident was a devastating environmental disaster at a colossal financial also number three chernobyl nuclear disaster we have all heard of the

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chernobyl nuclear disaster that took place in april 1986 in northern ukraine the cause of the worst nuclear disaster on the planet is incalculable what used to be a populated city called pripyat is now a long-standing forbidden area that has been abandoned there has been an exclusion zone around the pl energy anta the cleanup continues well into the 21st century and surely noble has become synonymous with catastrophe the impact was felt not only there but abroad with radioactive fallout being carried across the oceans with the weather, the disaster is reported to have cost 200 billion dollars but in reality the figure is probably going up by the day we won’t have a real overview for a while so for those of you who don’t know how this tragedy happened in the first place when a security test gone horribly wrong, yes, that’s right. safety evidence was behind the accident things changed in pripyat Forever technicians lost control of plant processes and explosions were triggered radioactive material including plutonium and strontium were released due to the type of reactors used there was no system You’d think every reactor would have one, but in this case, once the accident happened, the nasty stuff went straight to heaven, while a couple of plant workers perished in the explosion.

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Low in terms of casualties, many suffered from radiation sickness and died from exposure. criticized for its response to the disaster and for putting political interests before the safety of the people, although in 2019 an HBO recovered drama was made from the story unsurprisingly, Russia was very unhappy with its number two portrayal Explosion of the Port of Beirut One of the most shocking and devastating accidents in recent years was the colossal explosive reaction at the Port of Beirut in Lebanon West Asia in 2020 with a considerable amount of ammonium nitride, a common ingredient in household products. Home and Beyond, was confiscated from a ship.

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The authorities stored it in a warehouse in the Port. The material had been there since 2014. It reportedly shared the space with the fireworks and actually lay dormant until August 2020. A fire was reported at the scene before the disaster minutes after the fire trucks arrived there was an explosion massive while the initial explosion was supposedly comparable to about two tons of TNT another explosion was powerful enough to be felt in neighboring countries in terms of seismology it measured 3.3 in magnitude a terrifyingly large amount of ammonium nitrite had gone up in smoke 2,750 tons along with the fireworks was a recipe for absolute catastrophe over 200 people lost their lives and around 300,000 lost their homes such was the devastation the cost of the disaster was reported to be $15.2 billion consequences of the

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tragedy reached the top and under pressure Prime Minister Hassan diab and his administration left within a few days of the disaster, we must add that at the time of making this video, the cause of the explosion has not been determined the number one disaster the great hanshin japan earthquake is one of the worst places on the planet to live in terms of seismic activity due to its location it is subject to a higher number of earthquakes than most places no less than four of earth’s tectonic plates rub against each other here are the Eurasian, Philippine, Pacific and North American plates so when slip occurs the effects really change the world in January 1985 the Eurasian and Philippine plates had what is known as a strike slip the fault is that it’s essentially when enough stress is placed on a plate for it to give the result it’s deadly but surprisingly short The Kobe earthquake in Japan lasted only 20 seconds, but that was long enough to devastate areas like the hanshin region and the city of kobe the soil on which the city was built was not exactly the strongest and was close to the epicenter of the quake, which was reported 20 kilometers away.

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Here we see the collapsed Handshin Expressway that just collapsed like a domino. such as the Great Hanshin Earthquake which measured around seven rounds of magnitude resulted in the deaths of more than 6,000 people 45,000 people lost their homes and the bill was an extraordinary $100 billion plus 50,000 informed citizens had to leave the city ​​and find somewhere else to live, but the administration rebuilt it, it was no small job of course, but after severalyears ago the city was in a fit enough state to try and welcome people whether you would like to be there after this act of god is another question we have seen a lot of death and destruction during this roundup as Whether caused by natural forces, human error or something else, it’s fair to say that the dollars add up. the great hanshin earthquake disaster is a powerful reminder that no matter how much you anticipate the worst, some disasters just happen out of nowhere thanks for looking if there are any costly accidents you think should have been listed let us know in the comments be sure to subscribe and see you soon

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