Mother Stands Firm In Her Choice To Pierce Ears Of Newborn Daughter

Naturally, there are differing opinions when it comes to the decisions parents make regarding their children. This can lead to significant disagreements, especially when a parent openly shares their educational beliefs with the public. Despite being just four months old, Lara’s mother regularly shares videos of her on TikTok, where she has already gained a significant following and become a notable figure.

The mother recently shared a video showcasing Lara’s growth over the past four months, which included a clip from when Lara was just born for context. However, the video sparked unexpected controversy as many viewers expressed distress over the fact that the newborn already had pierced earrings. This led to a heated debate about the appropriateness of the mother’s decision. While some individuals supported the woman’s choice, noting that ear piercing for babies is common in certain cultures, many others expressed concerns and argued that Lara should have been able to make this decision when she was older.

“I find it difficult to comprehend,” expressed one reviewer, highlighting the fact that the potential harm to the baby would have been the same regardless of age. Another individual shared, “The choice of whether or not to have their ears pierced should be made by the child. I will allow my children to make that decision once they understand the implications.”

Lara’s mother defended herself in response to the criticism.

“When newborns have their ears pierced at 2 or 3 days old, the level of discomfort they experience is not the same as when they are 1 or 2 years old. Neonatal doctors perform this procedure at the hospital during delivery,” she explained.

Several individuals agreed with the mother, highlighting the cultural variations in customs and acknowledging that each parent has a unique perspective on child-rearing.


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