Mum Of Eight Kids Including Twins And Triplets Shares How She Manages With A Big Family

While many parents find it challenging to prepare two or three children for bedtime each night, Chloe Dunstan faces the task of tending to her remarkable brood of eight. Her family includes three older children:

Evan (eight years old), Otto (seven years old), and Felix (six years old). They are followed by triplets Rufus, Hank, and Pearl, who are four years old, and finally, twins Sylvie and Cosmo, born in October of the previous year.

Each evening, Chloe, 27, and her husband Rohan devote hours to ensure that all the children are settled, allowing them to have an hour of much-needed downtime.

As Chloe prepares dinner for the entire family, the children actively participate by collectively tidying up their play areas. She shared, “While the babies take their nap in their rockers, the older children help with the tidying.”

Simultaneously, Chloe takes on the task of cooking dinner for the children. Around 6pm, they gather together for their meal. On some occasions, Chloe and Rohan join them, while on other nights, they wait until the kids are in bed to have their own dinner.

Following dinner, the older children take turns bathing or showering and changing into their pajamas. Meanwhile, Chloe attends to washing the babies, often with their siblings observing the adorable ritual.

Subsequently, everyone engages in brushing their hair and teeth before settling down for a bedtime story.



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