‘My triplets were born 7 years apart – they look identical and have an unbreakable bond’

Amongst his younger siblings, it’s evident that 10-year-old Hugo is the oldest, but what’s surprising is that the trio are actually triplets. Their mother, Helen Baker, gave birth to twins named Coco and Monty in August 2018, using the same fertilized eggs that resulted in Hugo’s birth in 2011.

After ten rounds of IVF, costing £17,500 and leading to the sale of their house to cover the expenses, 41-year-old Oliʋer and his partner, former model Helen, 42, welcomed triplets Coco, Monty, and their eldest son Hugo, who were all conceived from the same fertilized eggs. The three siblings are now incredibly close, with Helen describing their bond as unbreakable

According to Helen, who is from Southampton, Hampshire, Monty and Hugo, who are 10 years old, share many similarities, including their dark eyes and hair. She describes watching the younger two grow up as “like going through a time machine.”

The three siblings are very close and share a dislike for butter on their bread. According to Helen, “People often talk about an unbreakable bond between twins and triplets. Other children Hugo’s age might find their siblings irritating.”

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Helen mentioned that despite their age gap, the three siblings have a strong bond. Hugo always grabs three apples when he goes to the cupboard and is eager to help out. Recently, when Monty fell over, he called out for Hugo instead of their mother.

“Hugo is such a great help. He assists in walking them across the street, and when he comes home from school, they run up to him and each take a hand.

“Hugo and Monty really do look similar. While there are always similarities between siblings, it’s quite striking.”

According to Helen, “When people see Monty, they tell me it’s like looking back in time. It’s like having my first baby back! He’s obsessed with the Hulk, just like Hugo was. It’s a bit like going through a time machine. While they didn’t share the same first word, they make up for it now by finishing each other’s sentences a lot of the time. They also all had tongue correction surgery and share a dislike for butter, although Coco and Monty don’t realize that Hugo doesn’t like it, so they’re not just copying him.”


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