New year’s 2023 celebrations ring out around the world

Abroad at the stroke of midnight 2023 was greeted around the world with huge in-person celebrations the likes of which we had not seen since the start of the pandemic Australia was one of the first to welcome in the new year with over a million revelers in Fireworks from Sydney Harbor also lit up the skies over Taipei and Hong Kong,

New Year's Eve celebrations ring in 2023 across the US and around the world

New Year's 2023 celebrations ring out around the world

where tens of thousands gathered just days after coveted restrictions were lifted as the festivities spread across the globe. Celebrations fell silent in Ukraine following a fresh round of Russian missile attacks that killed at least one person. zielinski shares a challenging and hopeful message for the new year telling ukrainians he wants victory and a return to normal life in the usa watching the iconic ball drop even the rain couldn’t dampen their spirits but last night here at the In New York City, the festivities took a violent turn.

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Urna police say a 19-year-old with a machete attacked a group of officers at a security checkpoint for them in the Times Square area and three of those officers were rushed to the hospital, but we’re told they’ll be ok in the meantime. The agencies are investigating the suspect’s pass and whether the individual previously posted jihadi writings online and then came to New York City to possibly attack officers on New Year’s Eve.

New year celebrations around the world as UK rings in 2023 - BBC News

Nations around the world ring in 2023 with parties and fireworks - Read  Qatar Tribune on the go for unrivalled news coverage

Morgan’s thoughts are certainly with those officers. Kathy parks for us there in the heart of Times Square. Kathy as always, thank you so much, thanks for watching our YouTube channel, find her favorite recipes, celebrity interviews, inspiring stories, shop our favorite deals and much more with the Today app, download now.

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