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First down Jefferson right away going out to get it bottom of your screen right now but they will run into Dalvin cook good couple of Touch by cook and then right up the cut out across the 40. he’s got nine yards on the fake cousins over the middle caught by Jefferson another first down and a good drive on the opener for Minnesota cousins a throw four-man Rush pressure from Lawrence up to Middle throw and the Viking and look at all the DBS on the field four down lineman everybody else seven DBS cousins rolling throwing catches made and a first down it is TJ Hawkinson the tight end they acquired mid-season and a trade from Detroit and the drive continues cousins gonna sneak it up forward in there and

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waiting for the signal he’s in touchdown Minnesota first down penalty lost yardage they have to be efficient on those early Downs pressure on Jones steps away looking pumps just gonna run now Jones can do that very very well and he’s right near a first down marker should have it Jones loads up over the middle good good to first down there Slayton and a perfectly timed throw but Jones had time to throw Jones looks to run he’s got a lot of room to run decide to take it tuck it away stiff arm Daniel Jones of Patrick Peterson and a first down not a lot of guys down here this Minnesota defense a little pitch Barclay looking for a scene Great Cuts saquon Barkley and for the touchdown an immediate answer by the Giants flip to Jefferson Jefferson throwing back to cousin cousins gonna try and run for it he is going to get swarmed that did not work and a Dory Jackson was there he snuffed it out Jones straight drop over the middle man it’s wide open and it’s caught by Slayton route to run Slayton inside the 35 and he’s taken out there second down partly right up the middle and nobody home at a spin and another from Barkley who’s inside the 15. foreign for the touchdown it’s Isaiah Hodgins cook I see him at a first down for Dalvin cook who rides the wave out to the 40.

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Jefferson lined up near side of Dory Jackson opposite him cousins looking that way pressure again running for his life floats it incomplete Third Down Jones Rose near side Hodgins has the catch and backs into a first down on second down flag flies Jones takes off and runs first down and then some and Daniel Jones out to the 40. looked like a free play but we’ll get the official confirmation Jones can run for it he’s going to take it and he’s going to get it and Daniel Jones in the Minnesota territory using his legs and it’s working perfectly six carries 51 yards already for him second down Portland it’s a cut surging forward another first down should be for the Giants Jones going to keep it looking for a block being patient there’s the cut Jones now with the speed s inside the 15. patient running from Daniel Jones and he’s got 12 more third and five Jones over the middle is caught inside the five for a first by Slayton and it’s first and goal Jones it’s incomplete trying to hit cager but Kendricks was right there it’ll be Graham Gano from 25 yards out and the kick is perfect see

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McKinley here coming off the edge Blitz coming cousins sees it throws Hawkins in he’s got the first down sprinting three to Midfield and into giant territory they beat the blitz to TJ Hawkinson interesting here are the Vikings all three timeouts down by 10 in this first half cousin some pressure on the middle Hawkins and wide Widow inside the 25 steal third and eight high probability of getting off the field cousins fires caught Jefferson down to the 10 and it’s first and goal on first and goal cousins looking firing caught Osborne is in for the touchdown four-man Rush pressure coming Jones gets rid of it Barclays wide open first down and more sprinting into Viking territory Jones steps up throws Hodges again the proof to run inside the 20 Isaiah Hodgins Jones has a man wide open it’s caught by billinger for the touchdown well sometimes you have the perfect play call for the Perfect Defense it is an all-week emphasis because he could bring that action on

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every snap on the thing pressure coming cousins gets rid of it nice play Johnny Muntz has his first catch who’s got a first down three-man Rush this time now a late rusher comes throws Hawkinson in stride still going and down to the 35. the big tight end T.J Hawkinson I mean he got punished this year and hung in there quite a bit here’s a fake that’s at this time of time firing has a man it is caught by Phelan they’re not just forcing it to Justin Jefferson we’ve seen him spread the ball around real quick here penalty flies cousin Enzo Smith he’s in touchdown let’s see what the penalty is so hang on off side Rita on the Jet Sweep is in trouble and he broke three tackles and I think he got there oh what an effort from Brita he was dead to rights three times third and seven Blitz coming Jones in trouble and he is sacked the Vikings get home with the Blitz and it’s Hunter who comes down with the sack before Super Bowl appearance is here in attendance today trying to break some good luck his cousins down by three loading up and he hooks up with field and Lynch down no four-man Rush cousin some pressure over the middle cook he’s got a first down this came with a four-man Rush that time but

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cousins did enough to move the chains four-man Rush again cousins pass time and Osborne catches it but he’s short of a first down so it’ll be a fourth down and about three as Holmes on the tackle cousins a throw pressure comes fires caught by Hawkins in a big hit by love but he holds on anyway in a fourth down conversion for Minnesota cousins over the middle again caught again it’s going to be short of a first down I think but the extra effort by Hawkinson is right there bodies they have in there quarterback sneaker oh they jumped they jumped you’re right it’s coming back Todd Minnesota false start often number 71 five-yard penalty Joseph has got it we’re all tied up 24 all 12 and a half to play Blitz coming it’s picked up Jones lofting over the middle of Slaton slayton’s got a first down and then down to bounds right around the 39-yard line foreign across Midfield that was a fantastic move by Richie James got right around cam buying him the safety and he’s picks up 11.

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Jones looks throws Hodgins is he in Isaiah Hodgins hold it in and he’s inbounds oh my what a throw in catch Jones gets it out to Barclay take one has a couple blocks shoulder now on Barclay he’s got a first down Jones far side of the field it is caught but is it enough boy it’s close but the initial sign a little short as James had the catch Jones quarterback sneak could smashed but he’s got it oh he took a shot but that was well after he got the first down it’ll be first and goal New York touchdown New York third and 12. it’s a four-man Rush still pressure cousins incomplete he was being dragged down as he got rid of it Giants Rush four they get home and they make a stand pressure coming Jones gets it away one-handed catch sparkly racing to the sticks and he gets there

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What A Catch and a play by saquon Barkley and he’s got 11. they have Barkley dialed up who runs into a wall and I don’t think he got there it’s going to be a fourth in less than a yard they go quick on the quarterback C and Daniel Jones has got it easily ball is out but the play is over dude’s play so the clock will stop as Slayton had a free run no pressure up the middle Lawrence has him and it’s incomplete and a penalty flag they’re going to get Dexter Lawrence here you’re going to see the pressure he gets grabs him kind of swings him to the ground Mike First and Ten moving up to the 33. 2 30 to go four-man Rush again cousin Hawkinson inside and then what a day he’s having first down out to the 46. cousins has time lets it Loose it’s incomplete Osborne had it flat with the coverage fourth and eight game on the line cousins Hawkinson is not gonna get there and the Giants will take over foreign what a game first postseason win for the Giants since their Super Bowl run with Eli Manning and now they play the Eagles in Philadelphia a familiar foe next weekend

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