Parents’ Tender Hug Revived Infant

Kate and David Ogg, who reside in Queensland, Australia, were overjoyed when they welcomed their twins after eagerly awaiting their arrival. However, on March 25, 2010, just six months after their birth, the situation suddenly changed. Kate recalls being brought to the delivery room where she gave birth as usual.

The first twin, Jamie, was born first and two minutes later, Emily let out her first cry. However, Jamie did not cry and suddenly stopped breathing. Despite the doctors’ efforts to resuscitate him, he was declared hopeless. Kate stripped David of his shirt and asked him to warm Jamie up with her. The two talked about David’s name, their struggles to have two children, and other topics, when suddenly, a miracle occurred. Jamie started to move and his breathing improved as he was being held by his mother. The medical professionals rushed back to help, and together they revived the infant.

Jamie and Emily are now five years old. Jamie has not faced any health problems and is doing well. The Oggs recall Emily crying and hugging Jamie when they told the twins the story. To support premature and sick babies, they are working to create an online community that highlights the importance of skin-to-skin contact between the mother and baby soon after birth. This contact is crucial for regulating breathing and heart rate and helps the newborn feel welcome in the new world.

During delivery, a newborn can experience a lot of stress. Touching the mother’s skin after birth helps regulate the baby’s breathing and heart rate, allowing the baby to relax. Furthermore, newborns who are quickly exposed to the lower temperature of the delivery room after being in a warm environment in the uterus benefit from being held at the mother’s chest, which is warmer than other areas. This is a story of the true miracle that pure love can inspire.

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