Priscilla Presley Says Elvis Would Be “Impressed” With Austin Butler

We’re here with rock and roll royalty Priscilla Presley is in our presence a crowd what a crowd we’re here at the Golden Globes it’s a celebration I’m curious you know we talked to Austin Butler when you first saw him on the big screen like elvis what was your initial reaction wow wow i mean he was amazing in the movie i’m gonna go out with that i um i was um i saw him with jerry schilling we were baz he gave us the theater at warner brothers on the lot and bought three for us at the im going to go picture this is amazing he had elvis in a team and where baz had invited us to go to the ken the ken film festival and the met and i was a little leary about going because baz you know he does his thing yeah ,

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you never know, you never know what he’s going to do baz i mean even though he’s brilliant but this is Elvis yeah and um uh when we saw the show I was like well it looks like we’re going to be able to because he did it nailed it, I mean Austin he had all this set up to pull it off wow me I mean great we know what the fans think we know what the critics think but what would the king think about not just Austin’s performance but all of this around him and his legacy around Austin’s

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legacy? because uh, he, you know, he studied it for two years, he had everything under control as a voice I took singing lessons, you probably already interviewed him, right, yeah, yeah, he took singing lessons and singing lessons, and you know you probably know too that he sang in the movie too and the voice went down to a you I mean Elvis probably couldn’t couldn’t believe it I really couldn’t believe it I’m surprised he didn’t try to sin you could probably say hey what are your tricks what do they do how you did it?

Priscilla Presley Says Elvis Would Be "Impressed" With Austin Butler - E! Online

Certain? Are there moments where you think, uh, like I know the butterfly is him or I know the song that’s playing is him letting me know that he’s happy with everything you’ve had right now? it Right now, yeah, I really do, I do because this movie opened it up, it opened it up for this generation, kids of this generation now know who Elvis was and how we experienced him, so I think it’s a gift to Elvis.

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yeah Priscilla you know this is such a big party, lots of amazing projects being celebrated this season including Elvis, any other projects where you are a fan of someone you would love to meet on the inside, oh my gosh y’all actually, oh, okay. well now i love you even more that was the sweetest thing you could have said this is rock and roll royalty priscilla presley thank you so much it was an honor and a privilege y’all having fun today so beautiful

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