Prison accommodates Idaho murderer Bryan Kohberger’s vegan meal requests | Banfield

Brian Enten is waiting live outside the local jail where, just in the last hour and a half, a very famous inmate has turned up. Brian take me into the process now if he has been booked and everything that happened with Brian coburger since that caravan showed up. behind you yeah it was so crazy ashley you saw everything that happened about an hour ago and now he’s very very calm now he’s inside jail behind the scenes booking process is going on huh i told you before , this is a small jail. I mean, it’s a little jail under the courthouse, so this is certainly a situation they’re not used to in terms of someone this high profile, but they’re rolling with it.

Accused Student Murderer Bryan Kohberger Received Vegan Meals, Private  Flight Back to Idaho: Reports - YouTube
I mean, we were told that he’s going to be in solitary confinement. uh, when he was in pennsylvania he was a vegan so they were accepting his requests for vegan food and we were told the sheriff will try to do the same here so that will certainly be interesting but you see. that video there is the caravan that came through the streets of Moscow before the plane landed at the Pullman airport in Moscow, which is about 15 minutes from here, they took it here and then the whole process was finished tonight, yes. I’m looking at just a sea of ​​people, but I’m guessing many, or most, or all of them are media. to watch this process and you might actually go to jail to be a part of this to witness the arrival of this highly wanted suspect.

Prison accommodates Idaho murderer Bryan Kohberger's vegan meal requests |  Banfield – FOX21 News Colorado
Were there people who came from the University or from the city? Oh, absolutely yes, you’re right, it was a lot of media, but there were a lot of people from the city standing around and I saw that at the airport also people arrived parked in the parking lot they wanted to see it, you know they are angry. means this isn’t running their town this is not what they want to be known for what we’ve been here for a month this is a beautiful quaint little town that hasn’t had a murder in years and they’re mad at this man and now he’s back um and a lot of people just wanted to take a look at it.

Accused Student Murderer Bryan Kohberger Received Vegan Meals, Private  Flight Back to Idaho: Reports - YouTube
Someone shouted? um, you know, oftentimes the press will yell questions like did you do it and why did you do it even though he’s the only suspect and presumed innocent but did someone make a reference or yell at him or was there a reaction from them that you could see in the locals who showed up. I didn’t see anyone yelling at him you know at the airport there were a couple of locals next to me but we were so far away luckily our cameraman was able to zoom in but where they parked the plane you couldn’t get off so even if you yell bear , I mean there was wind, there was no way for him to hear and it was pretty quiet in here.

How They Caught Byran Kohberger w/ Former Detective Steve - YouTube
I also think people were kind of quiet and watching and you know just t trying to see what his mannerisms were like huh you know what I saw him in Pennsylvania huh we were closer we were able to yell questions at him which he heard clearly he turned around , I told you last night, he turned and looked at us but never really made any comment that someone yelled and then just asked a quick question about all the people that showed up with them. you know, uh, guilty of the things he’s accused of, but what happened to all those people? to the single prop plane well you know

Bryan Kohberger: the OCD libertarian vegan who 'looked drugged' | Daily  Mail Online

I was thinking about that you have these people who came from Pennsylvania we know there was at least one FBI agent on the plane it was a small plane and the day they had I say so really. it started at six in the morning in pennsylvania vania and they were on that plane that took like 10 hours to cross the country with all those stops so i’m assuming they’ll spend the night here and get some rest before they go back to pennsylvania but there was a big crowd with them like I said some FBI was listening you know the bailiffs initially offered to help with transportation but that didn’t happen.

Idaho murders: Suspect Bryan Kohberger seen at graduation ceremony :  r/idahomurders
I’m interested in the backstory on all of this because, again, I just think it’s interesting that it was the Pennsylvania State Police single-engine plane that flew him from Pennsylvania across the country. Seconds left but where you are is a cell basement I think they can only hold about 42 inmates and then you literally just have to walk upstairs to appear in court so it could happen first thing as the deck drops at 9 a.m. oh wait you know what you m yeah we got his first booking

Suspect in deaths of Idaho students arrested in Pa. is NCC alumnus from  Poconos (UPDATE) -

photo on screen Brian this is his first booking photo after landing in Moscow Idaho in Moscow Idaho jail now he’s out of that Pennsylvania burgundy jumpsuit and in the orange uh you know prison t- shirt or moscow jail t-shirt 10 seconds left just give me a quick answer to that uh Logistics answer if you could yes I am seeing this photo for the first time too I am looking at it um yes just upload the stairs again I mean if you’re from a big city this is going to sound very strange but the Jail is under the little courthouse and he walks over huh and it’s that easy here thanks for watching go to newsnationnow .com to find News Nation on your TV provider and don’t forget to click the red subscribe button below for more news from Nations Unbiased coverage based on facts

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