PSG’s ‘easy’ win 2-0 over Angers

Lionel Messi back in the team and back on the score sheet frankly they were both watching this game which caught their eye uh easy performance for Paris Saint-Germaine against bottom of the league and I would say lucky Angela they are very good goalkeeper bernardony was Co who saved like four fantastic shots and I should have been like four five or six zero for Paris Saint-Germaine an easy performance for

Messi scores in 1st game after World Cup as PSG wins - The San Diego  Union-Tribune

Mr Missy the world champion, He came back to Paris easily, he didn’t run a lot, but they and every time he touches the ball, something happens, so I think the fans were very happy and Neymar did what he had to do today, he was very good, it really was Neymar, it was at some point very good and at the end. from the goal came in got angry with the defender got a yellow card complained to the rest kept complaining after the game huh but hey a talented Neymar and an annoying Nemo in general an easy performance huh not too complicated from Paris Saint-Germa in Frank the word It’s that PSG had decided not to celebrate Messi at the start of the game after winning the World Cup.
PSG 2-0 Angers: Lionel Messi makes a scoring return for PSG | Daily Mail  Online


They felt it was enough that they already gave him the guard of honor on his return to training. Is that okay with you? that I completely agree, I mean, I just want to remind them that they beat France, come on, we’re happy for him, but we’re not going to bowl in front of him and celebrate it like it’s part of our celebration, you know, uh, that’s that’s fair enough you know you have to accept

PSG vs Angers score, result: Messi gets goal on return as PSG top hapless  basement-dwellers | Sporting News

the fact that he won and deserved to win but come on you know he plays for a french team in france so lay low my friend lay low you know a lot thanks for watching ESPN. on YouTube for more sports highlights and analysis, be sure to download the ESPN app and for live streaming of premium content and let’s not forget ESPN FC seven days a week, subscribe to ESPN Plus

Messi scores in 1st game after World Cup as PSG wins | Pro Sports |

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