Rare Miracle: Mother Delivers Quintuplets in Just 60 Seconds in One in 55 Million Pregnancy

In 2004, Jamie and Skyler Scott exchanged their vows and became a married couple. Their first bundle of joy, Shayden, arrived in 2005, followed by the birth of their second son, Landon, a few years later. However, despite their desperate efforts, the couple struggled for five long years to conceive another child.

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After struggling for years to conceive, Jamie and Skyler Scott turned to a fertility specialist for help. To their surprise, they got pregnant during their second round of treatment, but the pregnancy took an unexpected turn.

At just 19 weeks into the pregnancy, Jamie’s belly had grown to the size of a full-term pregnancy, making it difficult for her to walk and requiring her to use a wheelchair for mobility. It was a shocking and unexpected development for the couple.

The images used in this article are credited to FiveTwoLove.

During the first ultrasound, Jamie and Skyler Scott were expecting to see one or possibly two babies. This was because Jamie had undergone IVF treatments, which typically result in a higher level of hormones and an increased chance of multiple pregnancies.

The Scotts were in for a huge surprise during the first ultrasound when the nurse revealed not one, not two, but five healthy heartbeats. It was a rare and extraordinary occurrence, estimated to happen in just one out of 55 million pregnancies.

A few weeks after their doctor confirmed the pregnancy, Jamie’s HCG hormone levels tested extremely high, indicating that something unusual was happening. The couple had no idea that they were about to become parents to five beautiful babies.

High levels of HCG hormones in pregnant women often indicate the presence of multiple fetuses, and Jamie’s test results were no exception.

As with many expectant mothers, Jamie experienced some unusual food cravings during her pregnancy. She had a particular fondness for smoothies, which became a regular part of her diet.

To support the healthy growth of her five babies, Jamie’s physicians advised her to consume around 4,000 calories per day and gain 100 pounds (45 kg) during her pregnancy.

The quintuplets were born at 29 weeks, which is longer than the national average of slightly less than 27 weeks for quintuplet births. Lily, Violet, Daisy, Logan, and Lincoln were born on March 21, 2018, at St. Joseph Hospital and Medical Center in Phoenix, marking the beginning of the Scotts’ new journey as parents of five beautiful babies.

Incredibly, Jamie delivered all five babies in less than sixty seconds. The newborns were nothing short of adorable, each weighing less than 1 kilogram (2.2 pounds) at birth.

Take a look at these precious bundles of love! The speedy delivery marked the beginning of a new chapter in the Scotts’ lives as they welcomed five tiny miracles into the world.

Against all odds, all five of the Scotts’ children were born healthy, which is a remarkable outcome for this type of high-risk birth that is often plagued with complications.

Reflecting on their journey, Jamie expressed her gratitude for the outpouring of love and support they received from people around the world. She shared that the messages of hope and encouragement helped them stay strong during this challenging time of an extremely high-risk pregnancy.


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