Rep. Byron Donalds on the House speaker’s race and why he took on Kevin McCarthy

e have just completed the fifth round of voting as before, although there is still no speaker. I feel like you’re in a continuous cycle. You’re not alone. This is the fifth round of voting. Same exact results as the last 20 Republicans voting for Byron Donalds. from Florida not because of McCarthy and a voting member present for the second time talking about Byron Donalds which is this congressman from southwest Florida well our colleague Nicole Killian is standing with him right next to the floor of the house and she’s going to take it off . From here, Nicole, go ahead and thanks to Ed and Caitlin and as she mentioned, we’re joined by

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Florida Congressman Byron Donalds, thank you so much for being with us. seeing it coming you were expecting that i didn’t see it coming it’s not something i uh you know i expected but the thing is i think my colleagues see me in my ader skills so it’s humbling it’s an honor but no it’s something that was planned you got at least 20 votes in the last round is this a job you want uh the job I really want to do is make sure we know how to govern on behalf of the American people than all the things that Republicans have done campaign to secure our border control spending do what we can to cure inflation really deliver our management of our Energy Matrix properly to reduce the costs to the American people that those things Get it done That’s what I’m here for now Where we are It’s a situation in the one no one has 208 team hosts so my hat is in the ring to try to get there or find a way to get there but his name is and has appeared twice.

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So do you want the job? Yes or no. It is a job I would do reluctantly. Why do you say that? Because I think the speaker’s job is something that even I never even contemplated wanting to do. You know I have small children who take you to that job. away from your family but i also understand there are times in life where you get pushed into positions you didn’t think you wanted but here you are and at this point it’s about making sure the core job i did for each member he’s run and then he’s getting Washington back on track so we can serve the interests of the American people.

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You are also one of the legislators who changed their boat yesterday. Initially he later supported McCarthy and later changed him to Congressman Jordan. Why did you do that? well i mean first i get you know i’m not an anti-keven person but it was pretty clear to me that he didn’t have the votes and at that point we were going to be in a record gym of this vote series after series of votes that they didn’t make sense to me, so the main principle was to find ways to take their conversation to another level so that we can’t find a way to get to 218, either Kevin, you think? he would move the ball forward oh yeah i think we have w we’re working on dialogue in the room as we speak you know i anticipate we’ll get off this floor and go have some real negotiations i mean what kinds of discussions are going on right now, frankly, who’s going to be in the room, what do we want to try to achieve, is there a starting point, I think those things are coming together right now and what happens with McCarthy later on, I understand you met with him or intends to meet with him, no, we talked about this. tomorrow um and it was friendly you just want to let him know what was going on in the house what did he tell you i’m going to say let me leave that between us you know i don’t share conversations with members i mean was he trying to get his vote back?

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I mean what was the nature of the conversation. Well, you know. I think to Kevin’s credit he understands that this is a process like any other and now that we’re here he has to find a constructive way to not only know for his plans alive but at the same time do what he’s built to conference and I think right now what we’re going to do is get off this floor, I don’t know, maybe another hour or so and then try to go get something to drink. a few more negotiations that he can get there and if that doesn’t work then find a way someone can for people back home who don’t understand this process and how it works or understand why there are some members losing Kevin McCarthy Right now, what are some of those reasons?

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I mean, what do you want? Well, I think one of the key things is you know we have a lot of Republicans who have worked hard to come here to the Capitol and have made a lot of campaign promises to their voters to the people who have sent them here to their constituents, so we don’t want to see a repeat of the same old Washington where a deal like the one that happened with the Omnibus deal is jointly crafted between two members in the Senate nobody knows what’ What’s going on in the bill just pops out and voila, that’s not It’s worked for the American people and if we’re going to be on the voters, all the voters, Republicans and Democrats, Capitol Hill is not working for the people that it’s actually working for. the people right now i mean people’s business is not being done having a time out doesn’t stop the american people from doing the things that need to be made heard by everyone driving to and from work people are grocery shopping the kids they went to school my kids went to school today people went to work america is working if congress is needed what about congress if congress takes a couple of days to get organized in the right way where members all members they’re empowered to do the job they’ve been sent here to do for their constituents that’s a good thing for congress it’s a good thing for washington it’s a great thing for america realistically when do you think this process could end?

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I anticipate we’re going to wrap this up this week I’ve always done it and I’m not I’m not scared of it I think all members understand that we need to know how to bring this to a conclusion and find a constructive way forward and I fully anticipate what we’re going to do So, do you expect to endorse leader McCarthy again? It’s possible, but you know right now we have to get to a place where all the members can come to an agreement and then move on from there, okay? Congressman Byron Donald really appreciates his time. Thank you very much for joining us.

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