Rescued blind cat expresses endless love to her new dad through heartwarming hugs

Late last year in Cape Town, South Africa, a caring local noticed a kitten named June and brought her to the Domestic Animal Rescue Group (DARG). Despite being completely blind and ill, the brave little kitten showed no signs of distress.

Holly Gilbert-Jones, a compassionate volunteer at the Domestic Animal Rescue Group (DARG), stepped forward to foster June, a blind kitten that was brought to the shelter by a concerned local in Cape Town, South Africa. According to Gilbert-Jones, June was discovered by a community member who found her alone, and it is presumed that her mother was no longer around. Despite being blind and ill, June appeared to be in good spirits and was ready to receive the care and attention she needed.

Despite her blindness, June doesn’t let it hinder her from living a normal life just like any other cats. She loves to run and play around the house, and she craves affection from everyone she meets. June’s disability doesn’t define her, and she proves that she’s just as active and affectionate as any other feline. Her joyful and adventurous spirit has won the hearts of everyone who has the pleasure of meeting her.

After spending a significant amount of time with her foster mother, Holly, June was deemed ready to be adopted. She was in search of a forever home with a caring and empathetic owner. To help in her search, DARG shared June’s heartwarming story on their Facebook page with the hope of finding the perfect adoptive family for the lovable feline.

June has formed a special bond with Leia and Leeloo, her two feline companions, as well as her loving owners, who all contribute to her joyful life. Even though she is blind, June enjoys going on nature walks with the help of her harness.

According to Duff, every aspect of June’s personality is incredible. He has never seen an animal with such a powerful, loving, and cheerful demeanor. June is truly the most compassionate being he has ever met.

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