Rescuing an Angry, Feral Kitten with Surprising Results

In the midst of a sweltering hot day, a group of animal welfare advocates were on their routine street feeding rounds when they stumbled upon a tiny kitten who was struggling to breathe. The kitten was lying on the hot pavement, gasping for air, and was in dire need of help.

Despite the kitten’s apparent fear and aggression, the rescuers knew that they needed to act quickly to save his life. They tried to coax him away from the hot pavement, but the kitten fought back, biting and scratching with all his might. Eventually, they managed to give him some water and jelly food to help calm him down and give him some sustenance.

After some time, the rescuers decided that they could not leave the kitten there on the hot pavement. They knew that he was in danger of getting hit by a car or suffering from heatstroke, so they decided to take him with them on their street feeding rounds.

As they made their way to their usual feeding spot, the rescuers were greeted by several other kittens who recognized them from previous visits. They noticed that there were only three kittens present that day, and they suspected that the other two had gone off with their mother.

The rescued kitten, who they named Tiger, quickly made friends with the other kittens, particularly Blacky and Smoky. Luna, one of the cats who was a regular visitor to the feeding spot, was intrigued by the newcomer’s meows and sniffed around curiously.


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