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There are only two days left before the new year and who better to help us count down to 2023 than the host of Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin Eve Brian Seacrest, yeah, back with us, so we want to intrude on your holiday first. working on a menu working for your family for weeks what did you do they liked it so it’s all about the holiday meals for us we made a fondue on christmas eve we made a paella on christmas day wow and then the day after kind of a disappointment, we had a oaxacan style christmas meal on the 26th so it was three days of festivities and i’m paying the price now i won’t fit into those conversations from today yes we understand we understand so we figured it out. that you played some reindeer games at Christmas, we’re going to show you some photos that appear there, so this is my little niece, who is four years old, Flora, and I’m trying to learn how to play children’s games.

December 29, 2022 Ryan Seacrest on Good Morning America to talk about New  Year s Rockin
I don’t have kids, so this is That’s my mom, actually, who got really into the reindeer game. it is, but this was one of the activities we had. I love that as I learn you have to keep a four year old busy minute after minute, in fact on a regular basis I definitely have to try this game we actually made. the um that inspires us that video inspires you to want to absolutely try it yeah I like cuckolding and everything is um so let’s talk I mean 19th year hosting Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rock and Eve uh at the air for five more hours five more hours every night what do you do to get energized and keep going?

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So I used to eat a big meal before I used to have a barbecue before I went out because it’s just around the corner here and I realized we’re familiar I was so excited to get it right just the aroma excites me yeah and then I noticed halfway through I start to feel a bit tired, overly full and thirsty, so I saved the food for later, around 1:30 in the morning. dinner makes me hungry let’s run up and down the blocks here in times square stage by stage so it’s tea water and then a very late dinner wow that’s kind of like the grind and you need that energy because more than one million people will gather in Times Square. that’s what you expect to see the ball drop and that’s what we see on camera there, but what’s it like backstage for you?

Ryan Seacrest prefers New Years Rockin' Eve to be a booze-less broadcast
Backstage can get hectic as we get closer to midnight, for example, this year Duran Duran is performing at a Times Square Weekend and then the ball is at the other end of Times Square and the million people seem to converge right on the medium yeah so we had to push our way through the crowd with the team to get there on time because if you miss the drop it’s kinda big like it’s the only segment you need to show up in is something you’re there for yeah yeah exactly wow i saw you on new year’s eve i mean this guy is running around and when we’ve been talking to you in the last hour asking how you’re preparing for this year how come you said the show is it gets bigger and bigger every year it really tells us about the recap what will we see on saturday night if i can include it all for three live countdowns to happen puerto rico times square billy porter is back in new orl eans for us.

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I’ll be with Liza Koshy here and Jesse James Decker in New York City. We will be in Los Angeles. Sierra is hosting our first party since Disneyland so we’ve got Wiz Khalifa Dove Cameron we’ve got Duran Duran like I said Jax Jay hopes there are so many performers packed into the five hours I can’t even remember them right but it’s a fun show and you know it’s It’s been a very stressful holiday travel season so we hope people are maybe done you know you can get to where you need to sit in front of a tv kick back like you said and just relax I will say I love the multiple countdowns it’s also funny because it’s like throughout the night you know fe the like you can party with different yeah it’s a countdown and a performance in each different time zone ok so i think we have time for some questions quick and quick, okay, we want to know what to expect from you in 2023 first uh, the first thing you’ll do when you finish the show Saturday night, you already said yes it will be uh sliders great food yes sliders man great greasy food well where are you spending new year’s day?

December 29, 2022 Ryan Seacrest on Good Morning America to talk about New  Year s Rockin
New Year’s Day will be in New York City. it’s supposed to be beautiful from what i heard in the forecast so sleeping a bit in 60 degrees i’ll probably get a bit of a good sleep number one resolution for 2023 uh to get better reindeer games to improve hide and seek with florida to improve hide and seek activities children. I think you did pretty well with that video, alright. One thing you’re glad to say goodbye to in 2022. Maybe it’s all year. I hope things will get better as we all know it’s been a tough few years so we’re looking forward to a good 2023 Ryan thank you thank you guys it’s alright Dick Clark New Years Ryan Seacrest New Years 2023 Saturday 8 p.m.

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