San Francisco 49ers vs. Las Vegas Raiders

on’t forget Johnson back there play action and feel it on the roll find their tight end Foster Moreau and Moreau with a first down near Midfield below the Midfield line delivering this Josh Jacobs gets his first Fighting Carry of the day against his way second and six on the short throw San Francisco 47 Jacobs with room to move Jacobs second and six on the short throw San Francisco 47 Jacobs with room to move Jacobs stumbled before the 30-yard line Eric Armstead hit him on ankles got an extra lineman in game action that put him on the roll floating for the End Zone touchdown Darren Lawler puts the Raiders on the board 24 yards from Stidham and a perfect opening drive for the Las Vegas ERS foreigners are 8-0 and McCaffrey gets the carry on first down a quick turn downfield and McCaffrey gets a first down sets up a set and it all falls to Brock Purdy how can he dist Rebuking the pressure of Max Crosby well, forcing Purdy to his right and finding a tight end and giving his guy a shot in Las Vegas with five defensive backs in second place and ten 30 a direct drop to throw pocket keys, for what it caused McCaffrey McCaffrey 33. it’s McCaffrey oh what a hole a huge hole McCaffrey a man to get around and has stumbled on Purdy the clown move play action for the end zone has caught IU’s touchdown and the 25 yard line on first down made the pass to Jacobs Jacobs with a bit of Running Room definitely put us down 10 at 36 of the fake play and Adams dancing on the sideline and out of bounds without his quarterback is the best friend since the Fresno State days opening the middle for Brandon Bolden I think it was really the most noble thing and it wasn’t easy because you I can tell he cares so much.

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Are you kidding? This is like a road game for the Raiders, third down, Stidham out of the fake play. Well, maybe just snap it out. there either way you’re up 10-7 two drives two scores for Vegas a 10 in the 25 here’s McCaffrey patient run find some space and McCaffrey morsel of food you can imagine and they’ve shown all kinds of plays on second and twelve Brock Purdy passes it short to Kittle Kittle able to reverse his field and get a positive distance of 30 with McCaffrey time with the catch and McCaffrey leaning in for the first down and is left with a San Francisco 49er Purdy with all day to throw it passes short Kittle throws a tackle and then Powers forward third and empty goal backfield where did you get that chip again?

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Bernie spins out of the pocket pulling back at the end and George Kittle’s toe strike gives the 49ers the lead by no means three 49ers in the box there he goes with the lob and that thing is going out of bounds if it’s not intercepted or not cut by George Kittle works all the way across the field supposed to be one of those shallow ones crosses Oster Moreau in the backfield Josh Jacobs back in the field and brushed him aside first down at 10 in the 37. left him to play fake pressure Cummings shot him oh let’s go up to get it Dylan Waller climbing the imaginary ladder sliding down at the 27-yard line realizing his fourth year but his first start Jacobs the hand first down dancing up Lenore’s edge catching up on her block 3rd down picked up the pressure comes going to run Stidham with the bomb Stidham to the goal line and he’s down on the one Jacobs the carry Jacobs doesn’t get there the d run defense gets the win against top rusher first down on a 99 yard drive that’s all you want to do 3rd and 5 Purdy from The End Zone pressure coming Purdy has to scrap this one if he came out of the pocket so fresh and furl as long as the late pressure managed to at least settle for a field goal here after starting this route with such good field position that led him to the sidelines is Jaco bs with the catch bugging the quarterback in the backfield .

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Stidham launches the run with the pressure to catch them, but finds the open man in Mac Collins. his feet in touchdown in Las Vegas check out the touchdown grab from the foot trainer of the year check out this footwork fancy footwork like that Kev God put it on Riverdance that’s amazing he did that touch with his right foot saw the drag wait secure the ball with his left foot and look at the toe right there, oh I feel bad for even doubting him. I sincerely apologize that you don’t want to get caught. Only four men. Rush Stidham walks away from Bosa.

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Adams puffing into the end zone for the touchdown oh if this holds there’s a flag down near midfield it’s a 60 yard touchdown if it holds talk about that New Year’s Eve tattoo I mean , hufongo waited till l New Year’s Day to tattoo Stidham, holy smoke, let’s see if they pull it all off, maybe quarterback in the pocket, illegal contact, defense number seven, oh God, wow, look at Devante Adams , runs his initial route, breaks in, and then hits. the coding rules button raises his hand, you see him raise his hand right there, Kev, that’s like the old Randy Moss rule and it’s appropriate because he’s on the same system as McDaniels, but Randy Moss raises his hand like this, look This hit first, oh honey, that hurt, that hurt a little, but when he puts up his first down for San Francisco, his first since his second touchdown.
The game drive he buys in the first round is the top seed and gets Debo Samuel back to health, Purdy checks him out for McCaffrey. and McCaffrey a stiff farm and he fights to get free first and 20. that will get some of that yardage back. Juwan Jennings gets almost everything first and ten on 10. McCaffrey uses walk check ahead of McCaffrey to t he scored as fast as clockwork at one when he gets the quick shot from Adams shotgun with the catch stops before the first down by truck at the 15-yard line and on the nice tipped catch on a diving Brandon ayuk who gets up and gets the First down tipped off to the official there’s a big guy running loose across the field, we’re still at 15.

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Purdy started Jennings and Jennings broke through with his second pick of the season, oh, he forced it. Kevin the 18-yard line Jarrett Stidham, oh, and on top of that there’s Waller wide open and Waller out of bounds and on the sneak, the second time today, we’ve seen him first, he did it sneak, that’s right, second and ten more men, the Drake Jackson pressure, don’t listen to that. Guys we’ve got a big one tomorrow Cotton Bowl but look at this watch him walk up the stairs the rush is over he’s got something else Karen is out of his hands through the wickets and right out of his face mask really his shoulder pad right and appeared. oh wow what a play 3rd and seven can la and keep them on a three Purdy floating for Kittle he turned around and he’s in and narrowly missed but Robbie Gold ties from 43 Wishnowski grab kick good second place and nine in the 26. play Action Pressure comes sit him in trouble and Stidham just misses on the sideline to Mac Hollins and Hollins gets first down High play Raiders must win by fate hopes to stay alive Stidham floating for Adams and he can’t catch it he came in today it’s the three seed but the Eagles lost again Purdy setting him up McLeod McLeod with speed trying to turn on the Jets and Ray Ray McCloud pushed by Daron Harmon I wouldn’t want this team to take a week off and get rusty but i think this team is so responsible for each other that they just refuse to let that happen because of me and brandon iuk with the progress it looks like he has the first go just dent ro from the two yard line here’s Purdy throwing towards the end zone and he got it and about the same as th on the throw the last play can’t eye away as soon as you almost have to let Kiddle wait a second .

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Are you telling me we have action in this desert oasis we call Las Vegas? It’s hard to believe. 47 Stidham’s half second and nine over the open half is Moreau first and third and nine San Francisco putting pressure on the half Stidham hit by both so he is a wobble into space and deflects and intercepts on the deflection to Sean Gibson dives for it and it’s an interception oh this is going to be close I mean like in the minor leagues everyone gets a turn no foul because the rough emergency pass was incomplete it’s fourth down like this that they will rule that the pass is incomplete, let’s see, don’t do much. grass too grass let’s look at this pressure well are you up D Lyman running back or a defensive line linebackers running crossover play up front daniel carlson kick is good and we’re tied at 27. avoid a negative first down play and here comes some more pressure and it’s second chance Purdy in the middle which is close to midfield the pressure in the middle of the mountain controls it towards McCaffrey McCaffrey this is dangerous McCaffrey beating the technicians oh McCaffrey all the way up make that block and push yourself for that walk it’s Jordan Mason who receives the trade Mason chooses his path a field Mason drags towards the goal line touchdown San Francisco first career touchdown San Francisco four man pressure Stidham hits when he throws open over the middle is Mack Hollins and Hollins through from the 45th. at home transmitting it deep looking for Devante Adams who dives and can’t get out within the 20th and the team is betting everything on black 17. good guy to bet on oh he does Keep it yeah oh man they gonna look at him Mike Pereira tell me something good you set up Pereira’s bat signal oh oh Adams dove on Mike Pereira you had a chance look at it from a couple of angles.

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It is the rule to catch in the field, what do you see well? I would like to see all the angles that are looking here clearly going to the ground but you have to see the ball on the ground in Johnson field and fullback Jacobs the running back move for Moreau Jacobs character Jacobs blocks it puts a touchdown just stay there squat and he almost makes a monster play second down and ten Purdy short pitch IU and that’s a rim lined first down that you have to put right between the two and three you’re juggling but you make the catch and he’s on the 34 yard line, they’re already in, look, they’re bringing Joe needs to come in and block the game action Mitch wishnowski the starter Robbie Gold the kicker nice snap good hold nothing good on the kick oh wow missed wide right oh and with the time since 25 draw play Jacobs Jacobs as Warner tries to rip it from his hand second and ten Adam Stidham wobbler for Adams and is intercepted by Tashawn Gibson oh gone Gibson to the m Argen Gibson inside 15 a flag is down when he goes out of bounds inside ten giving this guy a jump but look this is the matchup right there watch Bosa put him on Rollerblades skates and walk with them. back to the quarterback and that’s why the ball was severely knocked down.

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Gibson almost had a fair catch that is an interception on the return. Personal foul. Illegal low block. Las Vegas number 10. the run first and ten for San Francisco good pace good stamina Redemption for Robbie and the San Francisco 49ers wow win their ninth straight 37-34 overtime over the Las Vegas Raiders see the best offenses achieved in difficult circumstances

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