Staff members at the shelter cried tears of joy when a 15-year-old cat finally found a forever home after nearly 5 years of waiting.

A 15-year-old shelter cat finally found her forever home after waiting for nearly five years. The shelter staff was so happy for her that they cried as she left. Muffy came to Fayette Friends of Animals (FFOA) in Uniontown, PA after she was rescued from a hoarding situation.

She was nervous in her new surroundings but with lots of love and TLC, she slowly came around. As time went by, many FFOA cats were adopted, but the sweet tortie continued to wait quietly for her forever family to come along. The staff refused to give up hope and continued to share her story on Facebook.

When Scarlett Wable and her children, Alex and Eve, visited the shelter to drop off donations they collected a few months ago, they were offered a tour by the appreciative staff. Muffy quickly caught their attention as they entered the cat room. She was curled up in a circular-shaped pet bed and Scarlett inquired about her and was informed that she was the oldest resident and had been at the shelter for over four and a half years.

The staff was concerned that she might never be adopted because she was a senior cat, missing some teeth, and wasn’t as limber as younger cats. However, they had a soft spot for her, despite the fact that she wasn’t a popular choice among visitors. Scarlett added that the staff verbalized their fear of her living the rest of her life without a family to love.

Finally, after years of waiting, the senior cat found her forever home with the Wable family. Scarlett, Alex, and Eve fell in love with Muffy during their tour of the shelter and decided to adopt her. The staff was overjoyed that the sweet tortie would finally have a loving family to call her own and tearfully said goodbye as she left with her new family.

Muffy has now settled into her new home and is adjusting well. She is surrounded by love and affection and is enjoying her new life with her new family. The Wable family is grateful to have her as part of their family and they hope to give her the happiest and most comfortable life possible.

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