Stray Cat Gets Crocheted Ears And Finds Her Forever Home The Next Day

The world is full of beauty, but we often take it for granted as we rush through our busy lives. However, sometimes something catches our eye, and we pause for a moment to admire it. Lady, the earless cat, is one of those creatures. Despite her missing ear flaps, Lady is an adorable and happy feline who loves giving head bumps to anyone she meets.

Stray Cat With Crocheted Ears Finally Finds A Forever Home

Lady’s journey to happiness was not an easy one. She had to have her ear flaps removed due to chronic infections and hematomas. However, the kind-hearted staff at the Dane County Humane Society (DCHS) ensured that Lady received the best care possible. Although she was a stray, Lady quickly found her way into the hearts of everyone at the shelter.

Surprisingly, Lady’s hearing may have improved after her surgery. The chronic infections had blocked her ear canals, which could have been causing her discomfort and impairing her hearing. Furthermore, Ash Collins, a staff member at DCHS, crocheted Lady a pair of replacement ears, which not only made her look even cuter but also helped protect her sensitive ear canals.

Stray Cat With Crocheted Ears Finally Finds A Forever Home

Lady’s picture was posted on Facebook by the shelter, and it did not take long for someone to fall in love with her. The very next day, Lady was adopted, and she found her happy ending with her new family.

The story of Lady reminds us to appreciate the beauty around us, especially the little things that we may overlook. It also highlights the importance of kindness and compassion towards all living creatures, especially those in need.

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