Swiss firm sends Taiwan’s ‘Carrier Killer’ device to China for repair

China and Taiwan at odds Beijing calls the island nation autonomous and has vowed to unify it by force if necessary, self-ruling Zion sees itself as distinct from the mainland, but despite Taiwan making a strong declaration on its independence China, the largest in the world. populous country has put taiwan’s security to the test china launched missile strikes across the taiwan strait flew waves of drones over some of taiwan’s islands off the china coast sailed warships across the median line of the taiwan strait and encircled the island in

Part of Taiwan's most advanced anti-ship missile sent to mainland China for repairs | South China Morning Post

what the taiwan military said amounted to a practice blockade although this time taiwan’s concerns about its security were different there are calls for greater safeguards in taiwan after at least one device used by the military to Its missile was sent for repair in China The instrument we are talking about is an optical instrument used for launch measurements For Taiwan Sewing Fang The third anti-ship missile The missile is a supersonic anti-ship cruise missile that has been touted as the best way to the island to deter an attack by the Pla Navy.

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In addition, the missile has an operational range of 100 kilometers and is believed to p It can reach a maximum range of 1,500 kilometers with boosters that can also engage ground targets, but how did Taiwan’s military device end up inside mainland China? Well, the instrument was shipped to its manufacturer in Europe, and according to media reports, the instrument was shipped back to Taiwan from Shandong Province,

Taiwan launches 'aircraft carrier killer' corvette | Taiwan News | 2020-12-15 16:24:00

which is in eastern China. In a Taiwanese statement, a missile developer from the Chongshan National Institute of Science and Technology said the device had been shipped to Switzerland by the company that had originally supplied it to the Taiwanese military from where it was diverted for repairs at the Taiwanese maintenance center. manufacturer in Asia in the Chinese city of Qingdao The Institute even said that it had removed the memory cards before shipping them to Europe and had run no information security checks on the device after it was returned and had no concerns about potential data leaks. information

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