Attack Helicopter Eurocopter Tiger ⚔️ Twin-Engine Multinational Airbus Helicopter

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Comes closer than any other to the realization of humanity’s longstanding fantasies of a flying horse and a magic carpet. The most dynamic and impressive sight is of its silhouette. known as the tiger is known as the Tiger in France and Spain. Early versions of the Tiger have several state-of-the-art features, such as a … Read more

US is Testing Its New Fastest Stealth Helicopter Is Black Hawk Replacement

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O verseas, the US military is beginning the second and final phase of development of the future long-range assault aircraft before selecting a contractor sometime next year to build vertical-lift prototypes of the helicopter’s replacement. Sikorsky A-60 Blackhawk Army officers utility vehicle. The Redstone Arsenal Contracting Command awarded two contracts, one to build Textron Inc. … Read more

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