Learn how to handle negative comments and criticisms from others when sharing photos of your baby on social media.

In today’s digital age, social media has become the primary means of communication for many people. It’s customary to share pictures of your children with family and friends for their enjoyment. Like many other new mothers, Natasha enjoys posting pictures of her one-year-old son Raedyn on social media. However, she’s faced with severe cyberbullying due … Read more

Katie Piper’s Extraordinary Births” Sparks Desire for Cetacean Obstetricians Among Viewers

During labor, many women desire a midwife who is calm, patient, and unhurried. But what if the midwife was not human at all, but a dolphin? This is the wish of spiritual healer Dorina Rosin and her partner Maika Suneagle. In what some are calling a new trend in spiritual healing, the couple has expressed … Read more

Miracle as Woman Gives Birth to Triplets After Years of Waiting Brings Joyful News

A lady named Kojhairways has taken to social media to share her testimony of welcoming triplets after years of waiting. Her story is truly a miracle. Childbirth is a challenging journey, and women go through a lot during the process. From conception to the first, second, and third trimesters, it’s never an easy road. Some … Read more

Conjoined twins connected from sternum start kindergarten sharing body at six years old.

Despite being conjoined twins who share a body below the sternum, six-year-old Callie and Carter Torres from Blackfoot, Idaho have surpassed expectations and started kindergarten. Their mother, Chelsea Torres, was told by doctors that they only had a 5% chance of survival when they were born in 2017. However, the twins have been thriving and … Read more

Father of Triplets Creates His Own Guidebook After Wife Gives Birth to Three Baby Girls

Alex Lewis, a 34-year-old man from Essex, was overjoyed to hear that his wife, Charlotte, aged 32, was pregnant with triplets, after three years of trying to conceive and spending £8,000 on I.V.F treatments to fulfill their dream of having a baby. Despite the happiness of expecting three babies, the couple was warned by doctors … Read more

Rare Miracle: Mother Delivers Quintuplets in Just 60 Seconds in One in 55 Million Pregnancy

In 2004, Jamie and Skyler Scott exchanged their vows and became a married couple. Their first bundle of joy, Shayden, arrived in 2005, followed by the birth of their second son, Landon, a few years later. However, despite their desperate efforts, the couple struggled for five long years to conceive another child. The images featured … Read more

Surreal photos capture dads in the delivery room

In recent years, there has been a growing trend towards fathers being present in the delivery room during the birth of their children. And as more dads take on an active role in childbirth, we are seeing some incredible and often surreal images captured during these moments. The internet has been abuzz with a series … Read more

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