Nepal Plane Crash Kills at Least 70

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Authorities recovered the cockpit voice recorder and flight data recorder Monday from a passenger flight that killed at least 70 people in Nepal’s worst plane crash in more than 30 years. The data from the recorders may help investigators find out what exactly caused the Yeti Airlines ATR 72 plane carrying 72 people from the … Read more

20 Fish That Are Born Only Once In a Thousand Years

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Overseas they say that there are plenty of fish in the sea and it turns out that it is completely true that there are millions, if not more, of species that we have not discovered yet, some because they live in extremely remote areas and others because there are not many of them. of them … Read more

Plant Shows The Monkey Who’s The Boss

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The animal kingdom can be quite interesting, you might think that different species of animals give each other a big detour, but often they end up interacting in ways you didn’t know were possible, sometimes they even fight from a tiger paired with a duck to a leopard. defeated by a porcupine here are 20 … Read more

If This Was Not Caught On Camera, No One Would Have Believed It

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This is deep blue. No, I’m not talking about the sea. I’m talking about this shark. being 20 feet long and over 50 years old was first seen in Mexico by a deep blue researcher is the world’s largest great white shark ever recorded was last seen in 2019 while feasting on the carcass of … Read more

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