Horrible!!! Ukrainian forces fired Missiles destroys 100 Russian wagner soldiers in battle Soledar

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Listen, this is the dramatic moment when an entire unit of Vladimir Putin’s private army was annihilated in a Ukrainian ambush. Soldiers from the Wagner sole group are bombarded by Ukrainian troops in the battle for solidarity. Images from the store show the mercenaries attempting to duck. for cover as the Ukrainians use a drone … Read more

Today!!! Ukrainian drones drop grenades over Russian Wagner troops sleeping in trenches near Bakhmut

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Thank you a dozing russian soldier received a terrifying wake-up call when a ukrainian drone dropped a bomb past him dramatic footage claims to have captured troops coming out of a slumber in trench as missile exploding who had fallen asleep in trench clutching his rifle as his nap was spectacularly interrupted by the surprise … Read more

Horrible!!! Ukrainian forces using drone attacks dozens Russian troops while they sleep in trench

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Thanks using your advanced thermal imaging cameras erudas vitka drones have destroyed dozens of key targets including russian vehicles in the war. The group of 30 Ukrainian special forces and drone pilots helped find targets and bomb targets, as well as get an aerial view of Russia. movements as they moved across the terrain on … Read more

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