Tesla Just SLASHED Prices. Don’t Miss Out!

Some amazing news for Tesla buyers if you’re looking to get a Tesla they just cut prices across the board up to 20 off in some cases so let’s take a look at some of these price cuts and why they’re happening now and what which you should do because this is not going to last long even though they dropped prices in other areas this video will talk specifically about US pricing because there is a new US tax credit Eevee tax credit on the website Tesla says at top through March 2023 certain new Model 3 and Model y vehicles qualify for a 7,500 federal tax credit for eligible buyers on January 1, 2023 the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 qualified certain electric vehicles for tax credit up to 7,500 note this credit amount

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applies to deliveries now and may change during March 2023, at which time credit amounts they can go down and that’s something to keep in mind because with this new tax credit there are certain rules that affect eligibility for that vehicle when it comes to the kilowatt hours the battery the capacity where it’s made where the materials for the batteries come from and where is finalized all of that comes into play and they just haven’t figured out the final rules for that so in this roundup as a little gray area between now and

Tesla cuts vehicle prices in bid to boost flagging demand | The Hill

March it’s kind of free-for-all so you want to capitalize if you want to get Tesla you have to make sure you place your order now before March to lock in that price because we all know what Tesla is when you order you set that price they can’t change it and Tesla’s aren’t affected by dealers either so they don’t have any surcharge , they pretty much determine their price at any time, they can change, so that’s the beauty and the curse.
Tesla keeps slashing prices, this time by as much as 20%


Tesla’s can change at any time, but they don’t have any of those surprise dealer surcharges now the current qualifications, since customers must buy it for their own use, not resale, they must use the vehicle primarily within the adjusted gross income limits w This is important to know in the MSRP price caps so basically with the AGI the adjusted gross income you have to make under a certain amount of income for your household or for an individual for that year to be eligible for that full 7,500 tax credit and then the price caps are the other thing that applies right now there are price caps for the vehicles that are eligible so right now the model 3 is under the cap price limit of $55,000, the five-seat model and is

Tesla owners' anger after missing out on price cuts worth thousands of  pounds | The Independent

under the $55,000 price cap and that’s a very interesting thing, it’s a little bit ironic because when the IRS released all these price caps not too long ago a lot of people were really mad that the model and it was put in the 55,000 price cap which is kind of mostly aimed at sedans when people really thought it should have been listed SUV category, which would have made it cost $80,000, which means that if it were included in the $80,000 price cap, Tesla probably wouldn’t. they just cut the prices they just did.

Tesla Slashes Prices as Much as 20% Across Lineup | Cars.com
Tesla basically just changed their prices so they could be eligible for these tax credits because when they are eligible for these tax credits their sales usually skyrocket, they have for the last 4 with the tax credits always strategically priced based on eligibility and the tax credits now I’m going to go over the Model 3 Model and for this video but the Model S and the Model X also got price cuts so let’s break down these price cuts and see what your current prices are for these vehicles the rear wheel drive 3 model got the least amount of price cut it now starts at forty five thousand six hundred dollars and that’s factoring all of these starting prices is factoring into the destination fee which is now 1390 along with the non-

Tesla has slashed the prices of its Model 3 sedan and Model Y SUV between  6% and 20% in the US, as it reverses strategy after demand tapers

refundable ordering fee which are two additional fees outside of the initial price that you will see on the actual website of the home page of Tesla for the cle vehicle so I’m factoring those in just to be more precise but yeah the rear wheel drive model 3 starts at forty five thousand six hundred dollars right now and if it’s eligible for the 7,500 tax credit it might be reduced to thirty-eight thousand. bucks for the rear wheel drive model 3, which is awesome.

Tesla Slashes Prices as Much as 20% Across Lineup | Cars.com

I have a real or drive model 3 and I love it. The Performance Model 3 now starts at 55,600 and would be about $48,000 after the federal tax credit $48,000 for a Performance Model 3 that is cheaper than my rear-wheel drive Model 3 that I bought five years ago. years old if you’re looking for a Tesla if you’re planning on buying a Tesla this is like Christmas day for you so the big one right now is the model and long range uh which is the one I just got this last year when I bought mine they were fifty-five thousand four hundred and forty dollars and after all those crazy price increases the last year and a half the long range model and dual motor now less than that and less than what I got is fifty four thousand six

Tesla price cut: Tesla cuts prices in US, Europe in pivot to drive sales -  The Economic Times

hundred dollars right now, if you’re eligible for that full tax credit, it came down to forty-seven thousand dollars for the dual-motor, all-wheel-drive long-range model and I think that’s like the lowest you there has been so if you’re in Mario for the model and i’d be jumping into this right now and placing my order and then the performance model and that’s 58 600 right now such crazy deals the model and the long range is probably the best deal I’ve seen in a long long time even if you’re on a strict budget and can’t spend more than forty grand those model threes are basically less than forty grand after full tax credit also keep in mind that the limit of Price includes any optional equipment that is physically attached to the vehicle at the time of delivery, but excludes taxes and fees for software feature accessories, so if you upgrade your tires to a larger size or maybe upgrading them r paint color that affects the price cap, but the good news is that Tesla will show you a real-time message while you’re setting up and when you’re about to set up. the order, it will inform you if your order is eligible for that full tax. credit or not so if you see the message you are ready to go I have two Tesla’s a model 3 and a model they are both amazing.

Tesla Model 3 qualifies for $5,000 federal rebate again as automaker slashes  all prices | Automotive News Canada

They’re sporty, they’re fast, they’re fun, they’re tech-focused, software, autopilot, super-charging network. you haven’t yet, thanks so much for watching if you enjoyed this video be sure to give it a thumbs up and subscribe for more Tesla and Tech videos to come. My name is Andy. I’ll talk to you next time.

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