The 3-Year-Old Is Overjoyed When She Gets To Hold Her Newborn Sister.

Molly, a 3-year-old girl from Wynnewood, Pennsylvania, has a precious memory of the first time she met her little sister, Cora. Fortunately, this video captured the heartwarming moment, allowing us to witness the immediate bond between the siblings.

Heather Conley had given birth to her second child and was excited to introduce her newborn to her older child. Little did anyone know, the precious moment when Molly met her new sister for the first time would be unforgettable.

In this heartwarming video, we witness an overjoyed Molly holding her new baby sister Cora for the very first time. Despite her mother’s constant reminders to be gentle, Molly can’t stop hugging the adorable infant. With love, Molly tells Cora that she will never let her go again. It’s hard for her to believe that this tiny human just came out of her mother’s belly.

Throughout the heartwarming video, Molly keeps showering her baby sister Cora with kisses, admiring her cuteness and declaring that she will never let her go again. The constant affection and attention from Molly is a precious gift that Cora will always cherish. Although it might get overwhelming at times, having a loving big sister like Molly is truly invaluable and will be appreciated in the future.

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