The Carmacks called an emergency meeting with their pastor when they discovered their family was more than doubling in size.

Michael and Hannah Carmack made the decision to expand their family and were surprised when they discovered they were expecting quadruplets.

“I had to persuade Hannah that having a second child was a good idea,” Michael shares with “You can imagine her reaction when she learned we were going to have four!”

Hannah, 29 years old, delivered two sets of identical twins on March 14th. The newborns, girls named Evelyn and Adeline, and boys named David and Daniel, were delivered by cesarean section at the UAB Women and Infants Center in Birmingham, Alabama.
“My wife is amazing,” Michael expresses, acknowledging Hannah’s strength and resilience throughout the process.

During Hannah’s initial pregnancy scan, the Carmacks received an unexpected surprise. As a veterinary technician, Hannah immediately recognized the presence of two sacs on the screen, indicating the possibility of multiple pregnancies.

Dr. Meghana Limaye, a maternal-fetal medicine specialist at NYU Langone Health, describes the occurrence of spontaneous quadruplets as an incredibly rare situation, highlighting the uniqueness and rarity of the Carmacks’ situation.

According to Dr. Meghana Limaye, an expert in maternal-fetal medicine at NYU Langone Health, the likelihood of experiencing a spontaneous quadruplet pregnancy is extremely low. In the United States in 2021, there were only 148 recorded deliveries of quadruplets or higher-order multiples.

The rate of triplets or higher is approximately 80 in every 100,000 births. The Carmacks, who were not treated by Dr. Limaye, defy the odds even further by having two sets of identical twins, indicating that both embryos split after fertilization, making their situation even more rare.

Based on the Journal of Family and Reproductive Health, the chances of conceiving spontaneous quadruplets range from 1 in 512,000 to 1 in 677,000, highlighting the extraordinary rarity of the Carmacks’ pregnancy.

During Hannah’s first pregnancy scan, there was a moment of surprise for the Carmacks. As the ultrasound tech remained silent, Hannah began questioning if there were twins. The tech’s response came when she gently placed her hand on Hannah’s knee and revealed, “Sweetie, it’s four.” Michael found it amusing and burst into laughter, but Hannah’s tears were not tears of joy.

Michael, a drug and rehabilitation counselor, reveals that while he always desired a large family, it wasn’t Hannah’s dream. The couple already has an 8-year-old daughter named Emily. Following the appointment, Michael arranged an emergency meeting with their pastor, which led to a humorous misunderstanding. Michael laughs as he recalls that the pastor thought they were getting divorced.

Michael and Hannah engaged in a meaningful conversation with their pastor for over an hour, delving into their emotions surrounding the expansion of their family from three to seven members. Michael expresses that Hannah eventually came to the realization that their situation was far from ordinary and believed that they had been specially chosen by God for this unique journey. Their time at the church left them feeling empowered and united in their shared purpose.

The Carmack quadruplets, Evelyn, Adeline, David, and Daniel, were born prematurely at 27 weeks. Among them, Adeline was the smallest, weighing 1 pound and 10.5 ounces, while Evelyn was the largest, weighing 2 pounds and 9 ounces.

Currently, the infants require assistance with feeding, and they are expected to remain in the hospital until their scheduled due date in June. In preparation for their arrival, the Carmacks are renovating their 1200-square-foot home to accommodate their growing family. To help with the expenses, Michael initiated a GoFundMe campaign.

Michael happily shares that Evelyn recently transitioned to a crib, and all the babies are now breathing on their own and progressing well.

As the quadruplets approach 2 months of age, their individual personalities are starting to emerge. Surprisingly, Evelyn is the sweet and smiley one, contrary to what their parents initially expected. In the womb, she was known for kicking her sister in the head, leading them to anticipate a different temperament.

Daniel and Adeline have an amusing dynamic, as observed by their father. Despite sharing the same room, Daniel always tries to get closer to his sister. He adores her, while she gives him skeptical looks. During skin-to-skin contact, she would even attempt to distance herself from him, creating an amusing interaction between the two.

Michael expresses his admiration for Hannah and her remarkable dedication in caring for the quadruplets, all while working night shifts as a veterinary technician to support their home remodeling expenses.

Hannah’s ability to persuade the nurses to allow her to hold multiple babies simultaneously speaks volumes about her understanding of the significance for the little ones to hear and feel her presence. Michael is awe-struck by the unique bond Hannah shares with their babies, recognizing that it surpasses any other connection.

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