The Couple’s Agony Turns To Joy As Triplets Arrive On The Same Date They Lost Baby

Ali O’Leary and Chris Deasy, proud parents, embrace their newborn triplets in a heartwarming moment captured on a special occasion. The triplets, born eight weeks ago, have finally returned home from the hospital. This joyous arrival has brought solace to the couple, who had previously experienced the loss of a child when Ali encountered a miscarriage in late November. The due date for that child was anticipated to be on August 2. Surprisingly, the triplets were born prematurely, sharing the same birth date as their lost sibling, August 2. Adorable little Lenny, Ted, and Bruce are now cherished brothers for their delighted four-year-old sibling, Georgia, who can be seen affectionately cuddling them in the picture.

Ali, 32, expressed his overwhelming emotions, stating, “The moment I discovered that the triplets were born on the exact day my lost baby was due, it evoked a profound sense of emotion for both of us.”

Initially, Ali experienced distress upon learning about the premature birth of the triplets due to their fragile condition. He attributed blame to his own body, feeling responsible for not being able to sustain their gestation period. However, a realization struck him—this was destiny unfolding. Ali and his partner perceived the arrival of the triplets as a heavenly gift, cherishing them as three extraordinary miracles.

In their hearts, it seemed as if their previous baby was watching over the newborns, further enhancing their profound connection.

Ali’s remarkable journey of hope, despair, and ultimately unbridled joy commenced when she conceived in the latter part of last year. Regrettably, her pregnancy ended in a miscarriage at just five weeks.

Her aspirations of starting a family were momentarily shattered. However, it was only a brief interlude as she became pregnant again in January.

Residing in Dublin, Ali confesses that she never envisioned such a swift occurrence. “It came as a complete surprise,” she remarks.

“We never anticipated it at all. I decided to take a pregnancy test due to feeling unwell and experiencing pregnancy-like symptoms.

“I never fathomed that I could conceive so promptly afterward, but when the test showed a positive result, it was an incredible shock.

“We opted for an early scan around seven weeks because I was filled with anxiety following the miscarriage.

“I sought reassurance, yearning to confirm that the baby had a heartbeat.

“At that moment, it was an awe-inspiring revelation as the doctors disclosed the presence of two heartbeats, revealing we were expecting twins. Given that my sister has twins, I chuckled and remarked that it must run in the family.”

The extraordinary story took another unexpected turn when Ali received astonishing news during her 12-week checkup on March 15. She was taken aback to discover that there were three heartbeats.

“I couldn’t believe it,” she recalls. “As the sonographer continued examining the screen with the scanner on my abdomen, they revealed that it was triplets. There were three heartbeats fluttering on the screen, confirming it. Chris, speechless, couldn’t utter a word. My only concern at that moment was the size of my baby belly!”

The doctors explained that two of the triplets were sharing one amniotic sac, which hadn’t been visible during the early scan at seven weeks. While they had seen one heartbeat initially, the other one was obscured behind it, leading them to believe it was a twin pregnancy. However, at the 12-week scan, the babies had grown larger, allowing them to visualize all three.

Going from believing she was pregnant with twins to expecting triplets was a tremendous shock. Ali’s primary focus was the well-being of her babies, yearning for their healthy arrival after experiencing the previous loss. Her utmost desire was for them to thrive.

Proud father Chris expresses, “Finding out that Ali was expecting triplets was an overwhelming surprise, but we were filled with joy. The fact that they were all born on the same due date as our previous baby is truly remarkable.”

Due to the high risk nature of her pregnancy, Ali underwent fortnightly scans to monitor her condition.

“The doctors advised me to try and prolong the pregnancy as much as possible because the babies were considered premature,” she shares. “However, I went into labor two days later, and the doctors had to deliver the babies via Caesarean section on August 2.”

Ali was saddened by the fact that the triplets were only nine weeks premature and weighed a mere 3lb 9oz, 4lb, and 3lb 4oz.

She had hoped to carry them for a longer duration. However, she then recognized the significance of the date—the triplets were born on the very same due date as the baby she had previously lost.

“It was such an extraordinary coincidence. We couldn’t comprehend it,” Ali says.

“The first baby was originally due on August 2, and now the triplets arrived on that precise date instead. I had experienced deep distress when I went into early labor. I felt as though I had failed the babies, and my body hadn’t been able to sustain the pregnancy.”

However, when Ali observed the date and realized it was August 2, she felt a sense of solace.

“I understood that there was a purpose behind their early birth. It truly felt like a heavenly gift—a triple blessing,” she expresses.

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