The Family of a Cat Who Has a Passion for Frog Toys Decides to Indulge Her by Buying Her an Endless Supply

Mochi and her brother Choco were once two abandoned kittens found in a parking lot. But their lives took a turn for the better when they were adopted by friends of their rescuer. The two felines were able to enjoy a life of comfort and love.

One day, a family friend presented Choco with a toy frog, but it failed to spark his interest. On the other hand, Mochi immediately took an affection to the toy frog. She would carry it around with her, play fetch with it and would even knock it over just to have it back in her possession. As Mochi’s love for her toy frog grew, her parents decided to buy her more of them. And now, Mochi has an entire collection of frog toys that she treasures and plays with daily. Her family is still puzzled as to why Mochi is so fond of her frog toys, but over the years, her love for them has not waned in the slightest. She remains fully dedicated to her army of frogs, and her family finds her obsession endearing and amusing.

Mochi, the feline queen of her tiny frog kingdom, is completely enamored with her amphibian subjects. She loves to chase them around and play with them, but also enjoys snuggling up with them when she needs a break.

Her brother, Choco, is not as interested in the frogs as Mochi is, but he never judges her for her obsession. Choco has his own quirks and passions, such as playing fetch with any red ball he can find.

According to Mochi’s family, her fascination with frogs is a unique and exclusive trait of her own. Choco, on the other hand, has his own set of quirks and interests that make him just as quirky and special as Mochi.

Despite the differences in their interests, Mochi and Choco are still the best of friends, and their bond remains strong. Mochi will continue to reign over her tiny frog kingdom for the rest of her days, and Choco will always be there to support her, quirks and all.

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