The Federal Bureau of Investigation conducted a search of the Penn Biden Center in the middle of November

The FBI conducted a search of the Penn Biden Center offices in mid-November, according to two sources, after lawyers for President Biden found classified documents at the site on November 2nd. The materials originated from Biden’s time as Vice President. It is unclear if the FBI discovered any further classified or presidential material during the search, which was carried out with the cooperation of Biden’s representatives.

FBI searched Penn Biden Center for classified docs in mid-November

CBS News reported that the search was conducted without a warrant and was not previously disclosed by the White House, Biden’s personal lawyers, or the Department of Justice. Bob Bauer, the President’s personal attorney, released a statement on January 14th regarding the government’s inquiry and the possession of any relevant documents for further review.

Classified-Documents Controversy Brings Spotlight to Penn Biden Center - WSJ

The FBI also searched Biden’s home in Wilmington on January 20th, which was announced the following day by Bauer and the White House. The Justice Department, FBI, and personal lawyers for Biden declined to comment. Kate Bedingfield, White House Communications Director, referred questions to the Justice Department during an appearance on CNN.

According to Bedingfield, the White House has been cooperative and transparent with the investigation and referred further questions to the Justice Department. Federal authorities have recovered between 25 to 30 documents marked classified from Biden’s office and Wilmington home, including top-secret documents found at the Penn Biden Center.

FBI reportedly searched Biden office in November for documents -

Biden’s lawyers and Justice Department officials agreed on the parameters of the January 20th search of Biden’s Wilmington home, so a warrant was not sought. The FBI had full access to the President’s personal residence and took possession of 6 classified items and other materials after 13 hours at the house. A special counsel, Robert Hur, was appointed by Attorney General Merrick Garland on January 12th to take over the preliminary investigation.

Classified Documents Found at Penn Biden Center: President's Lawyer

Biden has stated that he is fully cooperating with the Justice Department, while former Vice President Mike Pence took “full responsibility” for classified documents found in his Indiana home earlier this month and turned them over to the FBI. It is unknown if the FBI searched Pence’s home or other properties belonging to former President Donald Trump, who claimed to have declassified the material in his possession.

FBI searched Penn Biden Center in mid-November, soon after classified docs discovered, sources say

The National Archives has asked the last 6 administrations, starting with Ronald Reagan, to check for any classified or presidential records in their possession. Under the Presidential Records Act, Presidents and Vice Presidents must turn over all official papers to the National Archives at the end of their terms.

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