The image that makes viewers cry: A 2-year-old girl thoughtfully taking care of her younger brother was recorded by her mothe

A heartwarming moment was captured when two-year-old Estelle Royle Peters attempted to simulate breastfeeding her newborn sister by touching her tummy. The image was shared on the Facebook page, Breastfeeding Mama Talk, turning the little girls into online sensations. Estelle captioned the photo with, “Ever caught one of your kids trying to ‘feed’ their sibling? When your two-year-old tries to feed her newborn sister. Eh. My babies.”

In a heartwarming display, Estelle Royle Peters shared an adorable photo on the Facebook page, Breastfeeding Mama Talk. The image captures her toddler attempting to “breastfeed” her newborn sister. Estelle humorously added, “The older one is purple and blue from blueberries.” In the photo, the older daughter can be seen leaning over her baby sister, mimicking her mother’s nursing position, as she pinches a roll of skin near her crying sister’s head. The precious moment has received over 2,400 likes since it was shared on Saturday.

A special bond: Estelle’s young daughter shows immense love for her baby sister as they are captured sleeping together. Since the snapshot was posted on Facebook on Saturday, it has received over 2,400 likes, with many people commenting on the heartwarming moment.

Meghan Cusce commented, “Don’t think she’ll get much milk out of that fat roll! Too cute!” The adorable photo has also inspired other mothers to share their own stories about their children attempting to feed their younger siblings in a similar manner. Estelle, a proud mother of two, frequently shares photos of her daughters on her Facebook page, creating beautiful memories.

With a caption that read, “Look of love: ‘My babies’,” Estelle shared this heartwarming photo on Facebook in August. Lucy Gough fondly recalled a precious moment when her five-year-old offered to feed her newborn sibling, saying, “When my little one was born and I was tired one day, my five-year-old said, ‘Don’t worry, mommy, you rest and I’ll feed him,’ before pulling up his shirt.” The photo and Lucy’s story highlight the unconditional love and care that siblings can show for each other.

Chassity Stawinski shared a cute anecdote, mentioning that her one-year-old attempted to nurse off her five-year-old sister during bath time. “I thought it was so cute. Every once in a while, she will bring her toys for me to nurse, thinking it will work,” she said. Some mothers chimed in, sharing that their children were incredibly protective of their siblings, scolding them when they didn’t feed them fast enough when they were crying. Estelle’s photo of her daughter attempting to feed her younger sister created a sense of community among mothers, inspiring them to share their own heartwarming stories.

Estelle shared pregnancy photos of herself in June, a few months before her daughter was born. Beckah Young shared a funny anecdote about her six-year-old daughter insisting that her little brother wanted to breastfeed, even while standing in line at the grocery store. However, another mom, Karen Leonhart, is confident that her daughter will never try to breastfeed her baby brother again, as he latched once, but she has never attempted nursing since. The bond between siblings is heartwarming, as demonstrated by these stories.

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