The infants at the Texas Float Infant Resort are having a much better day than you.

If your newborn is experiencing severe distress, there are baby calming centers available to help.

An innovative resort exclusively designed for babies is becoming increasingly popular. Float Baby, which was launched in February of this year in Houston, Texas, has garnered global recognition. The spa has welcomed 330 clients so far, and according to its owner and founder, Kristi Ison, the service can boost physical and cognitive development “up to fifty percent more than non-water alternatives.”

The spa offers a unique experience for babies between the ages of two weeks and eight months. During a 20-minute session, infants wear special swim diapers and a donut-shaped flotation device to keep their heads above water while they float in a small pool. The inflatable tubes are adjusted at each visit to ensure the comfort of the babies, and according to the founder, Kristi Ison, this service can enhance physical and cognitive development.

Ison explains that the hydrotherapy method, which uses an inflatable ring, allows infants to move around freely while also building their muscles and bones. The water in the pool is sanitized and kept at a comfortable temperature between 95-98 degrees Fahrenheit, and the pools are cleaned every day.

Infants wear waterproof swim diapers and an inflatable device during their 20-minute pool session. Afterward, parents give their babies a massage with guidance from the spa’s founder, who is a certified infant massage instructor. The service costs $65 and lasts around an hour.

Ison mentioned that after their pool time, parents give their infants massages. According to her, parents have consistently reported that their babies sleep better, eat more, and are generally more calm and strong.

Although there is no research to support Ison’s claim that water enhances an infant’s strength and cardiovascular health more than any other form of exercise, Float Baby reviews indicate that parents love the service and claim that their children are eating well.

Parents have reported that their children are eating and sleeping better after using Float Baby’s services. The concept was inspired by Baby Spa in London, which offers similar water immersion and therapy for infants with the help of neonatal and pediatric nurses at a cost of £60 per hour. Ison intends to expand her Houston studio by adding individual pools for younger infants in the fall and opening ten more franchises across the United States by early 2015, making baby resorts a trend in America.

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