The mother cat entered a veterinary clinic in search of her missing kittens

One morning, the staff at Mill Road Vet Clinic in New Zealand were greeted with a surprise at their door – a box of adorable, four 3-4 week-old kittens.

Initially, they believed the kittens were abandoned by their mother, but that assumption was quickly turned on its head when a tabby cat kept appearing at the clinic door, desperately trying to sneak in each time it was opened.


The staff were perplexed by the cat’s behavior, but eventually realized what was going on when she finally managed to sneak past them and into the room where the kittens were kept.

The cat was, in fact, the mother of the four fluffy kittens – a heartwarming revelation that brought the staff to tears.

Mama Cat Sneaks Into Vet Clinic To Reunite With Her Missing Kittens

The mother cat was probably separated from her kittens for a brief period as she searched for food or a moment of respite from her motherly duties.


The reunion between the mother cat and her kittens was tear-jerking, with the staff giving them their long-awaited reunion.

The feline family was later adopted by a relative of one of the clinic’s employees, bringing a happy ending to this heartwarming story.


The kittens are now in a loving and safe home, thanks to the kindness of the staff at Mill Road Vet Clinic and the unwavering devotion of a mother cat.

Determined mama cat is reunited with her kittens

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