The priceless moment of a soldier’s father returning home to meet his newborn baby has brought tears to many eyes, capturing the raw emotions perfectly

One month after discovering his wife’s pregnancy, First Lieutenant Jake Osborne was deployed to Afghanistan. It was an emotionally challenging moment for the expectant father, knowing that he wouldn’t be able to support his wife during the pregnancy.

Once he was deployed, the soldier received news that he might not even be able to return home for the birth. It was a long and uncertain period of months, but on May 12, Osborne’s commander approached him and instructed him to pack his bags. They arranged for him to go on leave so that he could finally go home and meet his newborn baby.

Although his baby was born while he was flying home, his family made sure to capture the beautiful moment he finally got to meet his baby girl at Athens Regional Health System Medical Center hospital.

“I rounded the corner… and froze at the door. I didn’t know what to say. I was giggling like a little schoolgirl,” Osborne recalled of seeing his baby for the first time. “It was unreal, unlike anything I’ve ever felt.”

When he finally holds the baby, he’s in complete awe. His family looked on, as they all shed tears of joy.

Both mom and baby are healthy. Congratulations to the new parents. We can already tell this is going to be one spoiled baby.

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