The Waldrop sextuplets, known as “God’s Divine Nine,” posed with their older brothers in their first family photo shoot.

A 29-year-old Polish mother has given birth to the country’s first-ever sextuplets.

The Waldrop sextuplets are the first newborns in Alabama since 2011, and Huntsville Hospital was fully prepared with all necessary equipment and a team of 40 personnel from various departments to assist with the delivery. The alert for the delivery was named “code six” after the six newborns, each of which was assigned a different color from the ROY G. BIV color order of the rainbow.

The parents, Courtney and Eric Waldrop, wanted to give their babies unique and special names. They named the three boys Blu, Layke, and Tag, and the three girls Rawlings, Rayne, and Rivers.

The Waldrop family has experienced a rollercoaster of emotions since the arrival of their sextuplets, but they have been grateful for the love and support they have received and are now giving back to say thank you.

Inside the Waldrop’s home, every piece of baby equipment is organized and efficiently arranged to accommodate the needs of their nine children.

Although raising nine children, including six infants, is a challenge, the Waldrops have adapted to a new way of life and consider the sextuplets to be the best babies.

The family is kept on their toes by their six sextuplets and three older brothers, Saylor, Bridge, and Wales.

They have received support and assistance from people all over the world, and Courtney credits their success to the love, support, and prayers they have received.

Despite the initial uncertainty and anxiousness, the sextuplets’ good health is a testament to the power of prayer and proof that God is good, according to their friends and family.

With the support of their community and their strong faith, the Waldrops are ready to take on the journey of raising their nine children.

The inside of their home may be filled with the sounds of nine little blessings, but outside, life has remained much the same since the arrival of the sextuplets.

The Waldrops have experienced a range of emotions, but they are determined to tackle the challenges of raising their large family with grace and gratitude.

Courtney’s friend Sargent stated that so many prayers have gone into the birth of the sextuplets and the health of Courtney, and seeing them perfectly healthy is a miraculous confirmation of the goodness of God.

Despite the many challenges they will face, the Waldrops are confident in their ability to overcome them with the love and support of their community, and their unwavering faith.

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