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Whats going on everyone welcome back today is a very exciting day for me because we have finally completed one of my favorite rifles of all time and its been a ride as anyone with an instagram account knows well about stocks leverage tactics of recent years. They have become extremely popular and a while back we got into the game with this bad boy, the Henry 4570 lever action all weather. So you guys have seen this rifle on the channel quite a bit, it’s probably my favorite rifle. I’ve had in my life but there’s an upgrade I’ve been waiting for and we finally just completed it and if you haven’t figured it out yet it’s the Ranger Point Precision stock so I didn’t think this gun could possibly get any cooler , but I think it did now.
This is NOT Your Grandpas 45-70!! | Tactical Lever-Action BEAST - YouTube


I know many of you traditionalists are not fans of these tactical lever pistols and I get it, there is beauty and simplicity there and with companies like Henry they are absolutely great just the way they are. and that’s why it took me so long to finally get this stock because I loved the black walnut stock that came with the rifle but now that it’s complete and I finally got it I’m glad I did because in my opinion it definitely looks and feels. even better than before overall i think this is a 2500 rifle which really isn’t bad when you consider everything going on here so we’ll talk more about that in a bit but now that it’s complete we have the latest rifle from Lever action, let’s destroy some stuff with it and see how it feels and by the way guys I recently noticed that the spammers are back in the comments.

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I just changed my icon like two months ago trying to get rid of them and it worked. for a while, but now apparently they’re back and bugging you again, so I apologize. I have tried everything. I would also not giveaways in the comments without telling you on video so I apologize just ignore them or cuss for me ok first shots with the new stock and fully finished rifle let’s see how it feels glorious it’s a significant improvement from the factory stock and, by the way, two quivers are probably too much. I just put them in there so they would look great for video but I probably wouldn’t run both unless I was filling up John Wick and needed an extra 12 rounds of 45.70 but they look so great by the way those were low pressure 4570’s.

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I’m sure you could say they didn’t have a ton of recoil. This is not a low pressure 4570. This is the 460 grit plus Peak Grizzly and is the most powerful 4570 I’ve ever had. ever shot I don’t shoot these very often anymore because they lock on this gun number one is a pain to get out but I’m also scared that something might be out of spec with this particular round so let’s shoot one. i’m going to put this on steel right there on the rail t is foreign let’s see if it jammed the gun then yeah so you can see no matter how hard you pull that lever it won’t pull that casing out not sure what’s going on there is obviously expanding on the camera or you know something. out of spec and that particular round won’t cycle so we’re going to get the drill rod forward and hit against this tree there it goes so it’s not too hard to hit like it doesn’t take a ton of force and that shell looks perfectly fine to me it doesn’t look bulged or expanded in any weird way not sure what causes now this is probably my favorite round for the 4570 it’s the 325 grain Hornady FTX we have three of them left and I have three targets on the table.

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Coincidence, the pineapple fell off. I can’t let him get away so easily. I don’t shoot 4570 at close range very often and now I know why. decapitated that thing and incidentally pineapples and c antaloupes are not like watermelons they don’t usually explode like that so it just shows how powerful the 4570 is it just vaporizes them so lever guns are self explanatory and they are easy to operate, you load the magazine tube mount, the lever fires the round. and then turn the lever again to eject the shell and pick up a new one. This particular version has a side loading door and a loading port on the magazine tube.

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Unfortunately, my handguard also covers the magazine, but the new Ranger Point handguards. I have a little cutout right there that allows you to access it. Anyway, I prefer sideloading just because it’s a bit faster, but it would be nice to have the option, so I’ll probably upgrade that too. The magazine tube holds a four plus one which actually feels a lot when you’re shooting 4570 and pretty much everything you see on this rifle is upgrades other than the internals and all the important stuff is still Henry but obviously I customized it. If this is why it looks so ridiculous we’ll start with the stock as it’s the newest addition and probably my favorite upgrade out of all of this so the stock is Ranger Point precision and it’s absolutely amazing as well as just looking . amazing it has some real number one advantages it’s lighter than factory stock and it just balances the rifle perfectly and what you probably can’t see is there are four screws in the corners of the stock if you loosen them it allows you to adjust it several inches off either way and get the perfect height for the optic you’re using so you can really dial it in. thing we have on the forend the forend is also precision Ranger Point and I think the bolt on the lever is too the optic is a Leopold Delta Point Pro and the top rail is from XS sites this is it in my opinion the u The latest 4570 lever action rifle, the only thing I would change is the size of the lever, for God’s sake someone please make a big loop for this rifle.

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There is a lot of debate about Henry versus Marlin. I dont have a lot. Experience with the Marlins. I will say that Henry is extremely well made, very high quality and they have excellent customer service. Heard Marlin was recently bought by Ruger and apparently their quality is skyrocketing for a while there Marlin was starting to get a bit of a bad name but apparently they are going to come back strong so I’d like to try them too but for now Henry is still number one on my list and while we’re on the subject of lever action pistols today I want to recommend Wolf’s Prairie Outdoors is probably the most knowledgeable guy on YouTube but when it comes to lever action rifles and Pat RMG’s both are excellent types and they have a lot of great content on weapons like this. you know a connoisseur like they are and they’ll probably thank me if you go watch their videos because they’re so much smarter than me well the sun has decided to come out and ruin all my video but we’re at the 80 yard line and I probably never shot a 45-70 at 20+ yards so I want to give it a try it’s a big heavy bullet and I want to see how much further it lands looking for that yellow gong hope you can see it.

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it was easy kinda crazy how good it felt to be honest i just put the dot right at 12 o’clock on that yellow gong and smoked it let’s try one more just to make sure it wasn’t some foreign fluke that feels so good the trigger is so good on this rifle it makes it almost impossible to take a sharp shot I could shoot a fly ball sack a thousand yards with this sound now that it’s a nice cinder block wall let’s shoot it 4570 vs cinder block wall i did this a few months ago with an elephant gun and it took like two or three rounds to completely destroy oy that thing i want to see how the 4570 performs now sadly i dont have any powerful ammo left except this one, so we’ll start with this let’s see what it does and then we’ll finish off the other aliens the power difference between that round and the others we’ve been shooting is unbelievable that thing is a beast well i put my DOT on top of the c block I moment thinking the offset would drop it a couple inches but apparently it was far enough away that I didn’t need to do that because it was right where

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I was aiming but if you go back you can see that at least some of that bullet easily passed through of that thing and we even have some big chunks. on the ground so if you’re talking about the 40 570 for home defense that’s something to think about it’s a very powerful round and has a lot of penetration let’s finish them off right we have a full tube and one in the tube so six rounds total I think I said earlier it was four plus one but apparently ly it’s five plus one so I’m hoping that’s enough to get our cinder block wall out just blasted a hole right through that thing and didn’t knock anything down. doing damage but i’m not satisfied until it’s completely destroyed so that was a different bullet and you could definitely hear the difference in impact wow that’s ok alien my favorite thing to do when shooting cinder blocks is look through the rubble looking for bullet fragments. looks like we have one right here and that’s awesome that’s the whole bullet

This is NOT Your Grandpas 45-70!! | Tactical Lever-Action BEAST - YouTube

surrounded by concrete wow i’m sure some of these completely broke there’s a bullet man that’s a giant chunk of lead that thing stayed completely intact and looks like it’s the jacket on one of them which could be the Hornady because it looks like the copper jacket on that Hornady bullet and here’s another one with the whole bullet intact surrounded by concrete that’s so fucking cool ok so elephant cannon it took three or four rounds and the 4570 took nine or ten but to be fair those aren’t the most powerful 4570’s either make no mistake about the right ammo the 4570 is a beast of a foreign caliber well I didn’t think it was possible for this rifle to run cooler than it already was,

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but I have to say I think we really did and wanted to give you guys an update now that the 4570 is finally complete until Ranger Point Precision is released. more cool stuff i need to have then i’ll probably buy that too well a rifle like this will make you a better shooter it won’t make you faster more accurate it probably won’t make you look any cooler and we all know that’s really what matters i hope you all have Enjoyed the video, if you did please let me know in the comments below and if there is anything else you would like me to add to the Henry 4570 please let me know there too, it already looks so ridiculous why not take it.

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