This is the Most Dangerous Family In History

Everyone thinks their family is weird but we promise your family is normal compared to the ones in this video These are the 20 most unusual families in the world number 20 Family Shanna a 76 year old man who had 39 wives and 94 children and was se Said to be the head of the world’s largest family Died in North East India Chief Minister of his home state Said Zion Nagaka Chana or Zayana Chana Head of a local Christian sect that allows polygamy Died June 13, 2021 with a total of 167 members the chana family is the largest in the world according to local media then this depends on whether or not ziana’s 33 grandchildren are counted according to local media channa suffered from diabetes and hypertension doctors told the news agency PTI news that the prolific man’s condition had deteriorated in recent years.

This is the Most Dangerous Family In History - YouTube
Weeks before his death, he was admitted to hospital Sunday night, where he was pronounced dead on arrival. It is not known if he was the head of the largest family in the world. d to say as there are also others who claim this title it is also difficult to calculate the exact size of his family according to the data collected by the Reuters and efe agencies he had 39 wives 94 children and 33 three grandchildren which adds up to 181 members zionna lived with his family in a sprawling four-story pink structure with about a hundred rooms in baktong a remote mizoram village that is becoming a tourist attraction the sect called channa was founded by ziana’s father in 1942 and has hundreds of families ziana married his first wife when he was 17 and once told how he married 10 wives in a single year like this video smash that subscribe

This is the Most Dangerous Family In History - YouTube

button and hit that notification bell right now or this centipede will crawl across your face when you’re sleeping now it’s the moment of the strange topic this is the most dangerous family in history or at least that’s what people say because good because they worshiped the devil while there have been many satanists s throughout time these guys were super serious about their worship, some people even say they make nightly sacrifices in honor of Lucifer, as you can see there are no women, this led to rumors that they kill the women in their family, scary as always, let us know your thoughts in the comments section below using the hashtag odd topic number 19. the real life seven dwarfs Trent Johnston born March 19, 1976 is the patriarch of the Johnston family works as a supervisor of landscaping for a university in

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Forsyth Virginia comes from a family of dwarfs has three siblings with dwarfism and both parents also have dwarfism Amber Johnston born March 10, 1979 is the matriarch of the Johnston family works as a real estate agent in Forsyth Virginia comes from a family of people of average height his biological father abandoned his mother who is now deceased when he was only six months old and his adoptive father Andy is average height she also has two brothers of average height together they have built a very special family a beautiful mixed rainbow family with biological and adopted children from all over the world but they all share one thing: they are all little people Trent and Amber met on April 28, 1995 at a dwarfism event and they got married on November 21, 1998 after Elizabeth’s pregnancy, which was very

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this is the most dangerous family in history

difficult, they decided to go up for adoption, they adopted three children, all from Asia, since then, the family Johnston is the star of a reality show called Seven Little Johnstons, but it turned out that they only do the show for social acceptance. show managed to debut on TLC after the controversy over Willis’s reality show when allegations about the family patriarch were exposed on television before they had their own reality show and were on Anderson Cooper’s 18th show. the Rapunzel family Russell 43 has never cut her hair in her entire life and her daughters do the same, not for nothing have they been nicknamed the Rapunzel family chip The woman’s husband loves his wife’s long hair that he has to wash on her knees and that she drags on the floor when wet Terry Lynn explains that she takes great care of her hair and that she cannot wash it in the shower Due to the immense weight, the woman is admired in her native Illinois, where she won first place in the competition of longer tail. 6 years old 26 and a quarter inch between them all use a quarter bottle of

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conditioner daily to detangle their hair Terry Lynn accidentally gets her hair caught in car doors and also in the vacuum cleaner, however she keeps it long due to Chip fell in love with her long hair as a teenager Terry Lynn’s mother Patricia 69 is the only person who has cut her daughter’s hair since she was born she in turn maintains the same tradition with her 17th daughters. the Ban no family imagine the following situation for a moment you no longer have arms how you would manage to do ordinary daily tasks like putting on makeup texting your friends eating with a knife and fork or even getting dressed Linda was born with a rare disease however this is it did not prevent her from carrying out all the activities she would normally need to because she was born with a genetic condition old aurum syndrome which includes an

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association association of heart defects of varying severity with abnormalities in the upper extremities this syndrome affects the heart and causes abnormalities in the bones Linda wore prostheses until she was 12 years old, then got rid of them when she realized they were more annoying than helpful for her condition it didn’t stop her from experiencing the joys of motherhood or she met Rick at a gym and they met while lifting weights and doing crunches they dated they fell in love with and Rick proposed to her at the restaurant where they had their first day shortly after their marriage they decided start a family but had to accept the risk that at least 50 percent of their future child would inherit the disease from their mother when Timmy their son was born with the same syndrome the couple received a lot of support they have even become the famous reason number 16 of the Internet that lost the family A particular case of four-legged

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humans found in a remote village in Turkey near The border with Syria led the scientific community to formulate a series of theories, all of them interesting, among which it was speculated that the family that walks on all fours was the product of a retrospective stage of evolution; however, after extensive analysis, it was has ruled out this possibility knows the family you lost and what science has discovered about their strange condition the lust family is numerous, it is made up of 19 children and their parents, five of whom have a rare condition that has forced them to move in a way similar to The Crawling of bears became world famous in 2006 w hen the BBC documented this family walking on all fours, they did it so naturally that one of the theories proposed by geneticists was based on the fact that this unusual behavior corresponded to to Evolution backwards even mentioning that the definition was kind of a missing link since it was not common to see Something like this in anatomically intact humans.

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An evolutionary biologist from the Chucarova University School of Medicine in Donna, Turkey, visited the four-legged family in 2005 to observe and analyze quadrupedal humans together with a team of neurologists, physiologists and psychologists. this rare condition described as soonerton syndrome individuals identified with unirton syndrome exhibit similar features to our primate ancestors in walking for adaptive reasons and not due to a retrospective stage of evolution as initially proposed number 15. family kokarnis meet India’s tallest family with a combined height record of 26 feet the colc Arnas are so tall, in fact, that they never use public transportation, they just drive their scooters.

this is the most dangerous family in history

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