This Is The One Only A Flying Tank Is Surprised Russia – Meet The Super A-10 Warthog

Alien named Flying Tank The classic and highly revered 10 Warthog aircraft has been prized for years by ground forces under enemy fire in combat. The battle-tested aircraft continues to live on for years to come due to various upgrades and maintenance efforts. The Titanium Flight from plane to home Redundant trajectory and electronics allow it to withstand fighting incoming enemy small arms, as well as hover overhead and fire its 30mm cannon during dynamic, fast-moving warfare scenarios. The A-10 is especially known for its ability to survive enemy attacks and can even sustain flight should some of its major systems be disabled, damaging or destroying the aircraft that has carried out strikes and ground

The future of Davis-Monthan Air Force Base

support for many decades. , including the Kosovo Gulf War and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan continues to fly despite some discussion of its possible withdrawal on the rationale for its continued utility, which weapons developers consider quite significant, is ba based on the wide recognition of that today’s A-10 is quite different from what it might have been years ago due to the continuous integration of new weapons avionics communication systems and computer technology, naturally many modern aircraft electronics and sensor

The future of Davis-Monthan Air Force Base

technologies rely more and more on secure and effective data organization analysis and transmission to ensure optimal combat functionality ma, a dynamic that of course requires advanced on-board processing, an example of a relevant computing technology that performs these functions like raytheon’s common, open, and secure Mission computing family of products that leverages digital engineering and a development security and operating software aimed at gaining the Warfighter’s capability is faster and, as its developers say, provides an open computing environment for the end user.

A10 Warthog After Upgrade Shocked Russia and China - YouTube
We know that the life of the A-10 has been extended. that mission Computing or the digital infrastructure on the platform is going to be a critical factor in maximizing lethality and survivability. Michelle Moholt said Raytheon is uniquely qualified to understand the processing requirements for the A-10 as it is the provider of onboard processing systems for the US Air Force’s fourth and final fifth-generation aircraft. using digital engineering and open or modular systems

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Computing the cosmc effort aims to increase speed of implementation and reduce program risk and cost by leveraging a set of models and reusable hardware and software elements the time required from program start to commissioning is a lot Reduced Cosmc employs a flexible and scalable architecture that allows for easy upgrades as technology advances, which in turn allows the end user to ensure the best of the commercial processing industry is implemented on the Warfighter to ensure combat in December 2020 Special Operations united states cials ussocon command selected

Believe it or not, the A-10 can hold its own in a dogfight - Sandboxx

raytheon cosmc for the acm c-130j next generation special mission processor likely due to many of these same attributes the a10 carries a full complement of weapons including gps guided joint direct attack munitions su Arsenal includes GBU 31’s Guided Bomb Unit gbu-54s MK 82s MK 84s agm-65s aim9 Sidewinder Missiles and Rockets along with lighting flares Jammer pods and other protective countermeasures the aircraft can carry 16,000 pounds of mixed ordnance eight can fly below from the wings and three under the fuselage when it comes to aiming precision and navigation improvements in Mission Computing could prove crucial in improving the combat performance of the A-10 by enabling new weapon systems for the platform

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